Cash App Founder, Killer Argued Over Murder Suspect’s Sister

Cash App Founder, Killer Argued Over Murder Suspect's Sister 7

Slain Cash App founder Bob Lee and Nami Momeni — his suspected killer — allegedly argued over Momeni’s sister in the moments leading up to Lee’s stabbing death, court documents show.

The documents, obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, reveal a message from Momeni’s married younger sister, Khazar, sent to Lee on the evening of his death. The text messages reportedly show the suspect’s sister checking on Lee after he allegedly had a disagreement with Monemi.

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More Details Regarding The Text Message Sent To Lee & The Alleged Disagreement

The text message, according to documents from the district attorney’s office, stated:

“Just wanted to make sure your doing ok Cause I know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you And thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class. Love you Selfish pricks.”

FOX 4 reports that Lee reportedly spoke to Nima Momeni, who began questioning whether his sister was “doing drugs or anything inappropriate,” Talai wrote.

Additionally, officials said the witness told investigators that Lee assured Momemi that nothing inappropriate had happened.

The Fatal Stabbing Of Cash App Founder Bob Lee

Authorities told the outlet that Momeni and Lee were driving together in San Francisco early on April 4. Additionally, the outlet reports that the vehicle was registered to Momeni. The suspect is listed as the owner of a company called Expand IT.

At one point, a confrontation ensued over Momeni’s sister and reportedly continued as Lee exited the vehicle.

Lee was stabbed at least two times, with M.I. reporting that police recovered the knife used in the killing near the area was Lee was fatally wounded.

According to NBC Bay Area reporter Scott McGrew, people close to Lee said he had recently relocated to Miami, though he popped back into San Francisco “for a quick visit.”

Momemi was arrested early Thursday in Emeryville, CA, near San Francisco, where Lee was stabbed. Mission Local was the first to break the news.

Furthermore, Momeni was arraigned in a San Francisco court earlier Friday, one day after police announced his arrest.

The suspect’s arraignment is set to continue on April 25. He will be held without bail in the meantime, the outlet reports.

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