Chris Brown Reacts After Quavo Releases Diss Track Ft. Takeoff 

Chris Brown Reacts After Quavo Releases Diss Track Ft. Takeoff  7

Chile, Chris Brown doesn’t seem to be pressed about Quavo clapping back at him! Both entertainers have been going back and forth from the booth for the last month. Quavo dropped the latest release in their rap beef on Monday (April 22).

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DJ Akademiks first previewed the track titled ‘Over Ho*s & B*tches’ during a live stream. After social media users received a sneak peek, Quavo shared a link to the whole track. His X (formerly Twitter) post rapidly collected reactions and approached a million views in less than 30 minutes.

Chris Brown Trolls Quavo Over New Diss Track

As mentioned, Breezy wasted no time sharing his thoughts about the clapback song. He took to Instagram Story to suggest that his opponent missed the mark.

“[face palm and laughing emojis] Google raps THAT SH*T IS POOOOOOOH. Damn and I was excited .. that sh*t don’t even need a response. Takeoff rap better,” Chris wrote.

See Chris Brown’s post below. 

And Breezy’s trolling didn’t end there! Chris shared SEVEN additional reactions to his Instagram Story. Once again, like ‘Weakest Link,’ Brown let it be known that his reactions are directed at Quavo and his diss response.

His second post said “CMON QUAVIOUS” with five tomato emojis. The third post featured a photo of Huncho with tears streaming down his face and ‘WEAKEST LINK’ written on his forehead in black ink.

Brown’s fourth post featured a clip from ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ of an audience negatively reacting to a show. The fifth post featured a man at a basketball game saying, “Trash a** n***a.”

Meanwhile, his sixth clip was a screenshot of a message thread that clowned Quavo’s “light skin vs brown skin finna divide the country” lyrics. The seventh post showed a YouTuber reacting to Huncho’s song, saying it “sucks” and it’s “a*s” repeatedly.

Lastly, Chris Brown shared an edited clip of Quavo during a radio interview. The voiceover of the video is a viral audio of someone calling into another station and saying, “The sh*t is f**king trash…get the f**k off the airways.”

Here’s What Quavo Said In His New Response

Social media users and hip hop fanatics have been waiting for Quavo to respond to Chris Brown since the release of ‘Weakest Link’ on Saturday (April 20).

In two-and-a-half minutes, Chris challenged the rapper’s gangsta persona and suggested that people wish Quavo had died instead of Takeoff in November 2022.

He also had folks discussing Saweetie’s dating history in the entertainment industry when he seemingly implied that she cheated on Quavo with him.

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Quavo addressed each of these allegations on ‘Over Ho*s & B****es’ and threw additional jabs at allegations that Brown uses drugs. He labeled the multi-lane talent a “crackhead Michael Jackson” and used vocals from his late nephew to seal his disses.

This new drop marks Quavo’s first music-based response to Breezy since ‘Weakest Link’ dropped. On Saturday, the only response he gave the ‘Say Goodbye’ singer was an unimpressed meme of Young Thug in court.

Meanwhile, Saweetie might be next in the booth! A few hours after Chris Brown’s ‘Weakest Link’ was released, she suggested she had to rewrite the verses of her upcoming single but didn’t specify if she’d be addressing Breezy head-on.

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