Corinna Kopf Slams Logan Paul & Reveals Vlog Squad Hook Up | Hollywoodlife

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Corinna Kopf reveals her number of vlog squad hooks in a new video. Plus- Corinna reacts to Logan Paul calling her Thotiana on Impaulsive. #CorinnaKopf …

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  1. I never understand why guys can call girls thots because of the number of people they fuck or what they wear or how they act. But when a guy does it there just being a man and that’s what men do and other bullshit at the end of the day it’s her life and if she wants to fuck everyone that’s on her but who are y’all to judge anyone. And if she kiss someone for a video that doesn’t make you thot she making money from the shit so why y’all so mad. But the real problem is how Logan was raised cause obviously it was not a good job cause he’s disrespectful to women if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say worry bout yourself and keep it moving.

  2. Corinna doesnt have the right to say “Your mother would be so proud”. She should be saying that about her own self. “Both her parents would be so proud. 😒

  3. I LOVE Jeffree Starr. He went from having racist controversies, to apologizing, learning his lesson, and is now an ADVOCATE for POC in the YouTube makeup community. He’s always one of the first to call out brands for not being diverse enough. Total respect for Jeffree.

  4. Y’all saying it was the truth but honestly they could’ve talked about it in private instead of being mad disrespectful on a whole social platform 🤷🏽‍♀️ people are disrespectful she do what she doing but why call her out like a pussy

  5. she probably has random sex with dudes who eyeball her when shes in line at chic fil a —- shes beginning to ooze somethin nasty into the atmosphere

  6. Corina isnt even that big of a hoe she said that she said alot of that stuff in the blogs as a joke. She is a grown woman like he said, he didnt have to add the thotiana thing



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