Dame Dash Weighs In On Jay-Z’s Deal With The NFL

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Roommates, Jay-Z’s deal with the NFL has certainly been rubbing some folks the wrong way. Although his intentions have not yet been uncovered, celebs, fans and non-fans alike have come to a boisterous conclusion: Jay is not here for Colin Kaepernick.

The. most recent celeb to speak on Jay and his new business venture is Dame Dash, who makes his disapproval clear. In an interview No Jumper, Dame sits down to talk industry, Jay, and of course his new decision to work with the NFL.

Unfortunately, Dame’s disgust is what we all expected. He says nobody should be surprised that Jay-Z essentially sold out his people for money because he’s notorious for doing so. He goes on to say the industry knows about Jay, and this behavior should expected.

“Everybody knows that Jay ain’t sh*t,” he says. “If you ask anybody in the industry, it’s common knowledge that Jay ain’t sh*t.”

Now to the common person, ain’t sh*t could mean you hated on your girl, or. your stole from you grandmama’s purse. But when asked for his own definition, Dame says Jay has been always will be looking out for himself.

“He’s about the bag, we all know that,” he continues. “He’s self-preserving.”

Even further into the interview, Dame Dash references instances in which Jay has had his own interest in mind, and discouraged him from taking certain deals, and even dating certain women.

Despite all of this, there are still some folks who believe Jay could be playing a wild card, and has a plan to possibly getting Kaepernick hired on a team.

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