Debby Ryan & James Charles React To Cameron Boyce Death

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Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce passed away over the weekend, and his former co-stars and more celebrities are reacting to the heartbreaking news.
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  1. Can y'all stop being salty and petty about James? This is not the time nor place for your filthy hatred. So many people took to Twitter or Instagram to pay tributes, which just shows how much of an impact Cameron had and instead of being mad at people for showing empathy, use your energy to cherish Cameron's impact in his 20 years of living on this planet.

  2. Its hard to lose an older person, but extra heartbreaking to loose a young person. My prayers go out to his entire family. PRAYERS AND MUCH 🙏 LOVE TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY. GOD BLESS YOU. LMQ.

  3. He was so young so sweet and funny and a cute boy I use to love watching the show jessie and seeing how funny he was trying to go on a date with jessie I love the show and they we're all my fav characters but when I heard that he died I cried my eyes out one of my all of my favorite characters in there and who's the funniest but when I saw the movie descendants I was excited I saw all the movies and I don't know how I feel after I heard this I heard it from one of my another YouTuber and and and I don't know how I feel he was a sweet boy it was only 20 when he died in you still young used to be on the day you should have lived in about 50 years old and
    🙁 t-t °-° ¿-¿

  4. I hear it's statistically impossible to die from what he had and some speculations are he was murdered so he can't testify against any pedophiles that may be exposed from the arrest of the Jeffrey Epstein.





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