Deion Sanders Warmly Welcomes JSU’s New Head Football Coach

Deion Sanders Warmly Welcomes JSU's New Head Football Coach 7

As Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, prepares to part ways with Jackson State University, he’s making sure that the school’s new head football coach gets a warm reception.

Coach Prime Ushers In T.C. Taylor: ‘You Deserve It!’

On Tuesday, Deion shared a video to his Instagram that showed him and the JSU football squad welcoming T.C. Taylor, the new coach, with open arms.

Upon entering a team meeting, T.C. was met with a wave of excited cheer and applause. Amid the hype, Coach Prime and other staff members proceeded to hug T.C. and shower him with congratulatory praise.

The new coach then took an opportunity to address the team. During his heartfelt speech, T.C.—who graduated from JSU back in 2005, according to TMZ—spoke on how this opportunity is a dream come true.

“Ever since I got into coaching, this [has been] a dream of mine, man. And to get this opportunity, to lead a place where I grew up, played in that same stadium that you guys played in…and now to say I’m the 22nd head coach.”

Additionally, Deion showed love through his caption, as he wrote, “You deserve it! Love ya and appreciate u my brother.”

The very next day, Deion also shared another video that showed T.C. speaking to the team before heading over to Atlanta. Taking the reins, T.C. pushed the team to focus on what they had to do and “lock in.”

“It’s all about the business at hand this weekend. Let’s lock in, man. Can’t be no shoulda, woulda, coulda. We gotta go ahead and take care of business…Let’s go out here and kick a** and do what we’re supposed to do.”

Deion Is Off To Colorado After Signing A $29.5 Million Contract

As The Shade Room previously reported, Coach Prime has accepted a new head coaching position at CU Boulder. This move comes as he prepares to wrap up his third year coaching the team, and it’s safe to say that JSU will miss Deion.

Regarding his move to the University of Colorado Boulder, The Clarion-Ledger reports that his five-year contract is worth $29.5 million. However, according to athletic director Rick George, the institution is still working on securing all the funds to pay Coach Prime.

Congratulations to T.C. Taylor, Jackson State University’s new head football coach! We also wish Deion Sanders the best at CU Boulder.

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