DeLuca Saves Richard & Amelia Gives Birth — Recap – Hollywood Life

DeLuca Saves Richard & Amelia Gives Birth — Recap – Hollywood Life 7

DeLuca came in with the game-changing save when it came to Richard’s diagnosis in the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 16 finale. Plus, Amelia gave birth and Owen learned a shocking secret.

The search continues to figure out what is wrong with Richard Webber. Maggie, Bailey, and Katherine are by his side trying to make him comfortable, but he’s just getting worse. Meanwhile, DeLuca and Meredith are working hard to find his true diagnosis. DeLuca realizes he may have found something. Maggie tells Meredith that she’s worried about DeLuca. Maggie is pretty convinced that Richard has Alzheimer’s because that’s what Tom and Amelia also think. Maggie reveals Katherine is taking Richard home. Meredith is adamant that Richard does not have Alzheimer’s.

Teddy and Owen are getting married — tonight. Owen is mad at Tom for not seeing his time-off request. Tom didn’t think it was super urgent and thought it would be a few months. When he finds out that the wedding is tonight, Tom congratulates Teddy and quickly walks away.

DeLuca is furious with Katherine and Maggie for taking Richard home. Richard wants to walk to the car but he slips. He gets upset and admits he lost feeling in his toes for a moment. Meredith picks up on that. Richard reveals that his toes and fingers are numb. When Meredith touches his calf, Richard flinches. Meredith immediately wants to do an EMG to test Richard’s nerves. Meredith was right. It’s not Alzheimer’s. Richard doesn’t want to do any more tests but Meredith gets Katherine to agree.

The crew brings in Tom and Amelia. They both agree that this is a fantastic catch. Richard’s mind isn’t the only thing failing him — it’s his body, too. Now they have to figure out what’s exactly wrong. After this team meeting, Amelia’s water breaks! This time, it’s not a false alarm.

Teddy goes to see Tom and he brings up the wedding. Tom knows Teddy doesn’t really want to get married. “You can’t live without me,” he tells her. Teddy stresses that the wedding is happening.

Meredith and Bailey are about to do a biopsy on Richard when DeLuca runs in. He throws their tools on the floor to get them to listen. He mentions that Richard’s hip replacement was made of cobalt. His hip is deteriorating because of cobalt poisoning. Bailey gives DeLuca a vial of blood and tells him to get it tested immediately. Turns out, DeLuca is right. The first step is to get the cobalt out ASAP. DeLuca wants to scrub in. At first, Bailey says no. Meredith defends him and says this is a career-defining moment for DeLuca. Bailey comes around but tells DeLuca that he can’t touch Richard.

Bailey goes to Link, who is by Amelia’s side. She tells them about the cobalt toxicity. They need the best surgeon for Richard. Carina says that Amelia still has hours to go, so Amelia gives her blessing for Link to operate. While Link has to go, Amelia makes Bailey stay. Maggie, Owen, and Levi are in surgery when Maggie gets a text about Richard. She decides to stay and finish the operation. She knows Richard is in the best hands.

Tom is not done trying to convince Teddy not to go through with the wedding. “Don’t throw your life away, Teddy,” he pleads. He refuses to give up on what they have. He tells her that he’ll be waiting for her tonight if she decides not to go through with the wedding. As much as she wishes she could, she can’t resist him. They have sex on the couch.

Link and DeLuca start Richard’s surgery. Link discovers a ton of tissue damage. He says that many other patients had cobalt hip replacements. This could be a game-changer for DeLuca. Everyone is watching the surgery and everything goes perfectly. Meanwhile, Bailey is with Amelia. She gets behind Amelia just like George did with her all those years ago.

Levi tells Owen that he also has a voicemail from Teddy. Owen asks to play it. The voicemail is just Teddy moaning while having sex with Tom. Awkward.

Link rushes back to Amelia’s room and she’s already given birth to their baby boy. They are both instantly smitten with their baby. After surgery, Owen goes to a supply room and listens to the full voicemail. He is devastated. After they’re done having sex, Teddy tells Tom that she’s still marrying Owen. This was their goodbye.

Richard wakes up and he’s doing extremely well. Everyone is ecstatic, especially Katherine. However, Richard remembers everything that happened before the poisoning. He tells Katherine to get out. Meredith heads out for the night and finds DeLuca crying on the floor. She takes him home with her. Teddy is at home ready to marry Owen. She walks down the hall to find Owen and sees everyone cleaning up. Owen got pulled into a last-minute surgery and told everyone to go home. Teddy realizes that something is terribly wrong. The truth always comes out, whether you like it or not.

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