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Derek’s Nephew Lucas Is A New Resident In Season 19 – Hollywood Life 7

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Happy first day to the new surgical residents! The interns head to Grey Sloan Memorial to kickstart their surgical careers. Dr. Jules Millin, played by Adelaide Kane, bumps into Link at the hospital. These two have a history. They’ve slept together, and now they work together. Remind you of anyone?

Jules meets Dr. Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), Dr. Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), and Benson “Blue” Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) in the locker room. Dr. Simone Griffith (Alexis Floyd) rushes to the hospital in the aftermath of a tornado. She’s going to be late.

New Surgical Residents Take On Their First Day

Ellen Pompeo
The new surgical residents with Meredith. (ABC)

Meredith brings the new surgical residents into the new OR and shows them all of the amazing equipment. “We didn’t pick you for your grades,” she says. “We picked you for your fight.” Simone walks into the OR late, and Meredith calls her out in front of everyone. Amelia takes the first years to potential organ donors and throws them right into the lion’s den.

Bailey shows up in the gallery to see the new residents. She’s not back by any means necessary, but you can tell she misses the hospital. Richard is still working on recruiting senior residents. Bailey chastises him for taking the surgical rejects. Richard has faith in them, just like he’s had faith in so many other doctors. Schmitt is still around and hates working in OBGYN. He pleads with Richard to be a senior resident.

Link admits to Jo that he’s slept with one of the surgical interns. Jo can’t help but laugh. Winston runs into Nick while waiting for organs. Maggie spots Nick and runs to see Meredith. Link’s already in her office telling her about Jules. She can’t judge him for what he’s done, but she advises him to stay away from elevators.

Maggie tells Meredith that Nick is in the hospital. It’s been 6 months, and it’s time for Meredith and Nick to work out their issues. Meredith tries to talk to Nick, but it’s beyond awkward. All she can really muster is asking him to stick around in Seattle to do a triple organ transplant.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC)

Lucas messes up with one family, so Amelia is forced to talk to the mother. This patient is Meredith’s triple organ match, and if these organs can’t be used, then another woman will die. Amelia has Simone go with Lucas to tell Meredith what’s going on. Lucas ends up vomiting after speaking with Meredith.

Simone races back and forth throughout the hospital. She tells the mother that her son is, in fact, brain-dead. Blue steps in to comfort the mother and encourages her to donate her son’s organs. However, Simone later learns that Blue lied to get in on the surgery.

Lucas Is Related To Derek & Amelia

Meredith and Nick finally get some time to address everything that happened 6 months ago. Meredith tells Nick that she called after him, but he didn’t hear her. Nick reveals that he did hear her, but he was hurt. “I wanted you to put in some effort,” he says.

Lucas thinks he’s getting fired on his first day after his royal screw-up. “We all have bad days,” Nick tells him. “End your day better than it started.” He allows Lucas to scrub in on the triple organ transplant.

Turns out, Lucas is Amelia and Derek’s nephew. Amelia asks Meredith if she hired Lucas because he reminds her of Derek. Lucas doesn’t remind Meredith of Derek. She knows that Lucas has a “strobe of the family genius.” He’s the black sheep of the family. Lucas reminds Meredith of Amelia. “He’s me,” Amelia says. Meredith tells Amelia, “He’s got the spark. He’s got the drive. He just needs a chance.”

Niko Terho
Niko Terho as Dr. Lucas Adams. (ABC)

On her first day, Maggie allows Jules to close up the heart patient. Link is waiting outside the locker room for Jules so he can have her sign HR paperwork. Jules is confused. He just wants her to sign documents that say their relationship preexists her employment. “We don’t have a relationship,” Jules says. Link knows that, but she thinks he jumped the gun.

Meanwhile, Mika watches over another patient and checks to see if she’s braindead. There’s a chance that the patient will wake up. She promises the mother of the patient that she has hope. The patient does wake up. The mother tells Mika, “You hoped.” Amelia proudly watches on.

Teddy & Owen Return

Simone reveals to Richard that her mom died at Grey Sloan Memorial when she was born. Simone hasn’t been back since then. She’s been imagining this hospital her whole life. On her first day, she had a panic attack. That’s why she was late.

Meredith needs a residency director and thinks Nick would be perfect for the job. “You’re the best teacher I know,” she says. Nick’s going to think about it.

Teddy and Owen show up at the hospital. Owen has to be supervised to practice because he has a suspended medical license for 6 months. However, his attorney got all the charges dropped.

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