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Week 4 of the ‘AGT’ season 14 auditions brought some of the best acts yet. Multiple acts wowed the judges but the Detroit Youth Choir inspired host Terry Crews so much that he gave the group his Golden Buzzer!

The America’s Got Talent season 14 auditions are well underway. Week 4 starts out with a rat extraordinaire named Melissa Arleth who brings her rat Hanta to the stage. She has the rat performs tricks with her. Yes, really. It’s both bizarre and oddly thrilling to watch. The judges are here for it and they all say yes to Melissa and her rat. Because why not?

Singer Ansley Burns is up next. She’s just 12 years old and being on America’s Got Talent is her dream. She starts out singing Aretha Franklin’s “Think” with a loud backing track and it swallows her voice. Simon Cowell stops the performance right then and there and is brutally honest with her. He asks her to get rid of the backing track and sing it acapella. She kills it the next time around. “You absolutely crushed it,” Julianne Hough says. Simon gives Ansley major kudos and tells her that she has a great voice. The judges tell a tearful Ansley that she’s going to the next round!

A magician named Sos brings his magic to the stage after Ansley. He’s got a family connection to AGT. His parents competed back in season 11 and made it to the live shows. Sos shows off his amazing magic skills in a fun and exciting act. Julianne is enthralled by Sos and calls it a “full-blown spectacle show.” Simon tells Sos he loved the presentation and says the performance was “quite amazing.” He’s moving on to the next round.

Guitarist Marcin Patrzalk, who hails from Poland, steps up next and admits up front that he’s not a singer. He doesn’t need vocals, though. His guitar skills are insane. Gabrielle raves that Marcin’s talent is “absolutely out of this world.” Karaoke singer Andy Rowell performs the strangest act of the night. He’s supposed to be doing karaoke, but he doesn’t do… anything. “It was so stupid [that] I loved it,” Simon says. Gabrielle adds, “It’s so wrong, it’s right,” Gabrielle admits. AGT loves a stupid act every now and then so they send Andy through.

Dance group Adem Show leaves the judges and crowd astounded with their amazing dance skills. The performance is like a mixture of a street fighter with a little Mortal Kombat. Julianne, who we all know is a tough critic when it comes to dancing, says the performance was “freaking amazing.” The group gets a yes from each judge.

Forces of Service is next and the quartet wants to spread a message of love and hope through their music. All four of them have served or are currently serving our country. They perform a gorgeous and unique rendition of Katy Perry’s “Rise.” Gabrielle gives them a standing ovation in the middle of the performance. The judges are captivated by the group. “This is what we need right now, thank you,” Simon tells Forces of Service. This group is a force to be reckoned with. You’ll be seeing them at the next round.

If you love dogs, then the Dominquez Poodles performance is perfect for you. This family brings their adorable pups to perform cool tricks for the judges and the audience. AGT is all about a great act involving pets, so this act is headed to the next round. French vocal group Berywam is the next to last act to be shown during the week 4 auditions. This beatbox crew is absolutely electric. They have everyone up on their feet. “I had so much fun,” Gabrielle union raves. Julianne applauds the group for their versatility and changing tempo multiple times. The judges definitely want to see what this group performs next.

The final act of the night is the Detroit Youth Choir. They perform a powerful rendition of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s hit song “Can’t Hold Us.” The choir doesn’t just sing, they rap and dance as well. “This was your moment,” Howie says. Gabrielle raves that the performance was “nothing short of absolute brilliance.” Simon even notes that they could win the whole thing if they keep bringing it like this. Before the judges can vote, Terry stops them. He breaks down in tears and says, “Every young man and woman on this stage represents me and where I came from.” He decides to give the Detroit Youth Choir his Golden Buzzer! They’re headed straight to the live shows!

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