Diplo & Jonas Brothers, ‘Lonely’

Diplo & Jonas Brothers, ‘Lonely’ 7
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With a friend like Diplo, how could anyone be ‘lonely?’ After ‘hacking’ their Instagram, Diplo released his collaboration and music video with the Jonas Brothers, and it’ll make you want to grab a friend (or lover) and vibe together.

As a DJ, songwriter, and record producer, Diplo wears many hats. Sometimes, it’s a ten-gallon one. Earlier in the year, Diplo announced that he would launch a country project under his birth name, Thomas Wesley, and on Sept. 27, he released “Lonely,” a collab with the Jonas Brothers. Considering his bromance with Nick, 27, Joe, 30, and Kevin, 31, it would make sense that Diplo would ask them to help out on a track about dealing with feeling “lonely.” The results were a track that you’d wave your arms to at a musical festival while secretly wishing you were on a couch with your SO, and one hilarious music video. In the video, Diplo opens his cellphone to a Dailymail headline — “Diplo ruined my secret wedding” — a reference to the DJ spilling the beans about Joe’s Las Vegas wedding to Sophie Turner, via Instagram’s live stream feature. Cue a montage of Diplo firing off unanswered texts to get back in the good graces of the JoBros.

To promote the new single, Diplo didn’t take out an ad, create a social media program or anything like that. Instead, he “hacked” the Jonas Brothers Instagram page. “The Jonas brothers are dorks, and I hacked their Instagram,” Diplo wrote in a since-deleted post on Wednesday, Sept. 25. He added the hashtag “#dorkusbrothers.”He posted a picture of himself in a pair of Calvin Klein boxer-briefs (“ur welcome for the free promo. Follow @diplo”), uploaded a shot of Hanson (“never forger the original Jonas brothers”), posted a shot of him with three Grammy awards (“photoshoot with kevin, nick and joe”) and video of mocking the Jonas Brothers’ hair (“tag a lonely friend and don’t say anything,” he wrote, before tagging himself.) When the Jonas Brothers got ahold of their account, they got a little revenge by adding “Calvin Harris Wasn’t Available” to their bio.

Keep in mind that this was (probably) all in good fun. Diplo was there when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got hitched in a surprise Las Vegas wedding. Diplo even live-streamed the whole thing, becoming their impromptu wedding videographer. After a few check social-media exchanges, some thought that Diplo was feuding with the newlyweds, but the DJ assured everyone that they were still tight. “I was talking to Joe today because there was a story that he was mad about me and he called to apologize,” he told Ryan Seacrest in June, according to USA Today. Diplo said they were “cool,” that there was no beef, and that there was a Jonas Brothers-Diplo collab coming. It turns out it wasn’t a Diplo-Jonas Bros collab, but a Jonas/Tomas Wesley team-up.

“I grew up listening to hip-hop and country music equally all the time,” the Tennessee-born DJ told SiriusXM’s Storme Warren in April, per Billboard. “I love ‘90s country music … I worked with Sam Hunt a couple years ago, and I just loved his disregard for the rules of country music. We wrote some ideas and the last couple years I’ve just been like, what’s great about country music, I want to make something unique about that.”

“I feel like country music can be a global music,” he added, “it can be something beautiful for the rest of the world, but we have to have an open mind. I think a lot of country artists feel like they have to be applying certain rules, and I feel like music is music, and you’re beautiful for what you do as a country artist whoever you are, and if you experiment and you know your fans, they’re going to follow you or they might not, but make great music, and they’re gonna love great music.”

Diplo’s “country-inspired” project released its debut song, “So Long,” a collab with singer Cam, in April. In August, he released “Heartless” with Morgan Wallen.

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