Does Hannah Quit ‘The Bachelorette’ After Luke P. Fight? – Recap – Hollywood Life

Does Hannah Quit ‘The Bachelorette’ After Luke P. Fight? – Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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The drama between Luke P. and all the other guys takes a toll on Hannah during the June 17 episode of ‘The Bachelorette’ — so much so that she just about loses all hope that she’ll find love at all.

The June 17 episode of The Bachelorette picks up where Hannah Brown and Luke P.’s one-on-one date left off last week — with her telling him she cannot give him the rose because nothing that happened on their date matches up with what she wants. Hannah flat-out tells Luke he’s going home, and asks him to respect her decision. He’s completely shocked and caught off-guard. It’s no secret that Luke is a persistent guy, and he’s not ready to leave without fighting for what he wants. He heads back to Hannah so he can try to win her back. Luke finally shows some emotion and apologizes to Hannah for not communicating what he felt, but she’s still concerned that he’s not being real. Luke vows that he “genuinely wants to marry” Hannah, and in the end, she decides she still wants him around.

Hannah doesn’t give Luke a rose, but lets him stick around to try and prove himself before the next rose ceremony. At the cocktail party, Hannah has a promising conversation with Garrett. However, it isn’t long before he brings up Luke. He asks if Luke brought up any of the other guys’ names during his date, and Hannah admits that Luke talked about Mike, Devin and Dylan, although she insists that she provoked the conversation. Garrett confronts Luke about it in front of the other guys, and he once again talks in circles to try and explain himself.

Garrett gets extremely frustrated with Luke and starts screaming at him, which Hannah can hear from the other room. The guys all start talking over each other, and Hannah is livid. She storms into the room to address the situation and lets the men know how much the fighting is pissing her off. She also asks them to ask her what was said on the date with Luke, rather than screaming at each other about it.

Hannah explains that the reason other names came up on her date with Luke is because she asked him why the other guys have issues with him. She gets choked up, and before she leaves the room, she addresses the group through tears: “I’m telling you guys, stay in your f***ing lane, because I’m tired of hearing screaming.”

Despite her request, the arguments continue, with Hannah listening from the next room. She returns and urges Luke to stop making excuses for his actions, but also insists that the other guys stop pointing fingers at Luke and start focusing on themselves. Hannah warns the guys that all of them are making her angry…not just Luke. She explains that she wanted to start opening up to the guys more than ever, but all of that was ruined because they all just wanted to talk about “stupid s***.”

Away from the guys, Hannah sobs and gets comforted by Chris Harrison. She explains that she knows the guys are only acting this way because they care, but she also doesn’t feel like they respect or trust her. She ends the cocktail party to go straight into the rose ceremony, where Mike already has a rose from his one-on-one and Jed has one from the group date. Hannah also gives roses to Connor, Tyler, Dustin, Peter, DylanGarrett and Luke, which means Devin, Grant and Kevin are eliminated. After the rose ceremony, Hannah makes it clear that she’s still not happy and is having trouble working through everything.

Next, Hannah and the guys head to Latvia. She explains to Chris that she wants to start having deeper conversations with the guys, but she can’t because none of them have asked her the right questions. Hannah also admits she’s trying to remain “hopeful” about things working out, but is worried about how hard she has to try to feel that way.

Rather than continue with the episode, Chris cuts to himself and Hannah sitting down and talking things out. They re-hash everything she’s gone through this season that led her to a point where she isn’t sure whether or not she’ll find love on The Bachelorette. However, she says she has a “glimmer of hope” that she can get past this. She vows not to give up and see the process through to the end.

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