Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare Guide for Every Age

Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare Guide for Every Age 7
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If I were to ask you what the forever-infamous vampire facial, Kim Kardashian West, and molecular science–backed skincare have in common, you’d discover Barbara Sturm, MD, as the common denominator. An innovator in science-backed skincare, she came up with the concept of customized, infused skincare wherein a person’s own PRP (aka platelet-rich plasma) could be applied to the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin, and she’s internationally known for her non-surgical/invasive skincare rejuvenation techniques, A-list clientele, and, oh yeah, her ultra-coveted skincare line. (Hollywood—her clients and beyond—collectively obsesses over it.) 

Considering Sturm is basically the queen of skincare and routinely cares for a diverse grouping of clients—from skin tone to age—we wanted to pick her brain about skincare routines. More specifically, exactly what we should and shouldn’t be doing during every decade of life to achieve optimum glow and skin health. Just last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a master class Sturm gave at Sephora’s epic two-day beauty event Sephoria, and among other unexpected tips (take purslane and skip ingestible collagen!), I also had the opportunity to learn what she would prescribe skincare-wise for every age bracket. 

Though her products might be an investment, I quickly learned Sturm is all about minimally invasive but regular, smart, and savvy skin upkeep (think weekly exfoliation, lots of hydration, and strategic supplements) in lieu of harsh and aggressive treatments like lasers, acids, and peels, regardless of age. Ahead, we’re breaking down Barbara Sturm’s verbatim skincare advice for every age—what to add and what to skip in terms of both products and fancier, in-office treatments. Keep scrolling! 

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