Dylan & Blake Fight Over Hannah – Recap – Hollywood Life

Dylan & Blake Fight Over Hannah – Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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While some intense connections are formed on this week’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Hannah finds herself more confused than ever amidst her love triangle with Blake and Dylan.

The Aug. 12 episode of Bachelor in Paradise picks up at the first rose ceremony, where the guys are handing out the roses. Derek gives his to Demi, followed by Clay, who chooses Nicole. Will picks Katie, Kevin picks SydneyJohn Paul Jones picks Onyeka and Cam chooses CaelynnDylan is next, and he gives his rose to Hannah, even though Blake tried to swoop in on her before the rose ceremony. Blake ends up giving his rose to Tayshia, and she accepts, even though she previously told him she didn’t want to pursue a relationship.

Finally, Chris gives his rose to Kristina, which means Bibiana, Annaliese and Jane are going home. Annaliese is totally blindsided, as she was completely invested in Chris and thought they had a connection. It’s time to move on, though, and this week, the girls are in control. Hannah is in a difficult position, as she’s in a love triangle with Dylan and Blake, who says he’s committed to pursuing her after a rough first week.

Of course, it’s time for new arrivals, too. Jordan, who had a disastrous breakup after getting engaged on last season of Bachelor in Paradise, shows up first. Jordan pulls Hannah, Nicole and Kristina aside for conversations, and gets the low down on all the drama that’s been occurring with Blake. Jordan asks Hannah on his date, and she accepts. However, after thinking it over, she realizes that she doesn’t want to add another element to her love triangle, and decides to turn Jordan down.

Hannah is super conflicted about who to choose between Blake and Dylan. Demi and Katie push her to pursue Dylan, as he’s completely invested in her, whereas Blake has shown an interest in multiple women. After rejecting Jordan, though, Hannah chooses Dylan to spend her time with, and he’s thrilled she said no to the date.

Jordan ends up asking Nicole on his date, and even though she has a connection with Clay, she says yes. Clay plays it cool, but everyone else is convinced that, deep down, he’s hurt. On the date, Nicole admits that she has feelings for Clay, but still wants to test the waters and not settle down right away. She and Jordan hit it off, but when she gets back, she tells Clay that there’s “no comparison” between him and Jordan, and they pick up where they left off.

Meanwhile, Cam continues to pursue Caelynn, who he says is his “dream girl.” He’s super confident in their relationship, but she doesn’t seem so interested. Cam’s hopes are torn apart when Mike, from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, shows up next and asks Caelynn on a date. She accepts, and obviously, Cam is not happy — especially since he and Mike had issues on The Bachelorette. Caelynn and Mike have a great date, and end the night with a kiss.

Back on the beach, things continue to heat up for Derek and Demi. Wills is crushing on Katie, and pulls her aside to express how he feels. However, she admits to him that she’s still looking to explore other options at this point, and she breaks down in tears because she’s so upset that she might be hurting him. Chris is there to comfort Katie, and she’s super calmed down after chatting with him. Katie also admits to feeling a connection with Chris.

Everything is going great for Dylan and Hannah, and everyone is shocked when she allows Blake some more one-on-one time. Blake tells Hannah he’s “all in” with her, and she lets him know that his actions have to match his words if he wants to be with her. They end up dancing and kissing on the beach, as Dylan (and everyone else) look on.

Dylan eventually takes it upon himself to approach Hannah and Blake to interrupt them. He tries to pull Hannah aside, but Blake argues that Dylan has been “shadowing” Hannah all day and says that he wants his time now. Blake insists that he’s pursuing Hannah, even though he initially came in with a bunch of other women on his radar. Dylan just wants to make sure Hannah is on the same page as him, and she’s left in an uncomfortable situation.

Eventually, after Hannah fails to make a decision, Dylan decides to just walk away, and everyone else on the beach is shocked that she would choose Blake over Dylan. Dylan is super confused about Hannah’s decision, and Hannah and Blake end the night by making out.

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