Ebola Health Team In Guinea Being Held Captive Following Attack By Villagers



A team responsible for educating Guinea villagers about Ebola appear to have been kidnapped.

According to the BBC, the six health workers and journalists went missing after being attacked by villagers in the southern city of Nzerekore on Tuesday.

Riots broke out in a public market in this city last month over rumors that health workers were intentionally infecting people under the guise of preventative treatments.

The three doctors and three journalists were ambushed by locals armed with stones as soon as they arrived at the village of Wome, near the location where the outbreak that has claimed more than 2,600 lives began.

One female journalist managed to escape and hide while villagers looked for her.

The governor of Nzerekore confirmed to the BBC that the educators are being held hostage but offered no explanation.

A group of officials consisting of Guinea’s health minister and communications minister tried to go to Wome and rescue the team, but the bridge leading to the village had been destroyed, making Wome virtually inaccessible.

The delegation is currently negotiating the team’s freedom with village elders.

Educating and disinfecting the public is proving very difficult in Guinea, as many locals believe the virus is fake and refuse to be examined because diagnosis means inevitable death.

There have been over 5,300 cases of Ebola, half of which arose in the past three weeks.

Officials have warned that if the disease keeps spreading at the rate it is now, 20,000 could soon be infected.

via BBC, Photo Courtesy: CDC

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