Eli Young Band Reveals New Music On The Way After ‘Love Ain’t Is No. 1 – Hollywood Life

Eli Young Band Reveals New Music On The Way After ‘Love Ain’t Is No. 1 – Hollywood Life 7
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Eli Young Band hit #1 on Country Radio with ‘Love Ain’t,’ and they’re hoping to do that again with their new music!

Who is ready for some more Eli Young Band music?! The group’s bassist Jon Jones revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with that fans are not going to have to wait too long to hear what they have been working on! “We have a new single, it should be out fairly soon. We’re not going to wait too long in between. We’ve recorded a couple songs, so the next song will be from that project,” he revealed. “We’re talking about going back in the studio hopefully later on this year to complete some albums.” So exciting!

Jon promised that the new music would be in the sound of the Eli Young Band we know and love! “We’ve never really strayed away from trying new things, but I think that we’ve learned over the years that the four of us can only sound like the four of us,” he explained. “There are boundaries. If we go too far left or too far right it no longer sounds like the Eli Young Band and we have built a fan base of all these year — we feel strong that we need to stay within that.” He continued, “We definitely wanted to sound new and fresh, and although we’re four guys that have been doing this for a long time, and now have families and kids, I wouldn’t expect to hear a record about every song being about raising children!”

EYB just had an exciting few weeks, hitting number one on Country Radio on May 25th with “Love Ain’t” — their fourth number one and first since “Drunk Last Night” in 2013. “This song had a nice slow steady rise to the charts. It was really nice to watch it grow, and to watch fans react to it. Now that it’s been number one, playing through Memorial Day weekend, it was just really amazing,” Jon explained. It was super special that “Love Ain’t” was in the No. 1 spot of MDW, since the visuals for the song document the love story between veteran and quadruple amputee Taylor Morris and his wife, Danielle. “The song is called ‘Love Ain’t,’ but it really is what love is. So we wanted to find a story that just showed that,” Jon said. “Their story is very, unique. It’s sad to say that a lot of stories don’t end up as beautiful as theirs — not everybody has that within themselves to drop everything when you find out that your boyfriend is coming home a quadruple amputee. Not all love stories end up happily ever after.”

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