Emma Greenwell’s Rules for Buying Dresses and Swimwear

Emma Greenwell's Rules for Buying Dresses and Swimwear 7
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“She was who I wanted; there was no one else,” says actress Emma Greenwell, speaking about her choice to work with stylist Danielle Nachmani. That tells me two things: 1) She has excellent taste (the in-demand stylist is beloved by It girls like Laura Harrier and Julia Garner), and 2) she really cares about fashion. Truthfully, I already knew this about the Brit, having featured her on Who What Wear a few years back, and I’ve been avid follower of her Instagram (a treasure trove of summer style inspiration) ever since, but it’s refreshing all the same.

I’m chatting with Greenwell via phone early in the morning (she’s in London; I’m in L.A.), and we’re meant to be talking about her new Starz series, The Rook. The supernatural spy thriller based on the book of the same name centers on Greenwell’s character, Myfanwy Thomas, who wakes up in an unsettling situation with no recollection of who she is. After finding out that she’s part of the Checquy, a British secret service for people with special powers, Thomas sets out to rediscover her identity and find out who has wiped her memory. I was given three episodes to watch before our interview and can attest to the show’s ability to leave you hooked as well as the greatness of Greenwell’s character’s simple-yet-effective wardrobe.

Not long after our conversation begins, we shift to the topic of fashion, spending a good five minutes gushing over her marigold Prada dress from The Rook’s Cannes TV Festival premiere—a look courtesy of Nachmani, of course. Also on the list of things we discuss: where she finds those dresses we see all over her IG feed, the investment-worthy pants she swears by, and the seriousness of her thrifting habits. (“Some call it a problem; I call it a hobby,” she says.) Like I said, the woman cares about fashion. Keep scrolling to see my full conversation with the actress and shop her summer staples.

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