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Kenya Moore

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Danny Amendola is getting reprimanded at the top of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test for not following orders. He’s thinking about leaving altogether. Dwight Howard tries to talk Danny out of it and says to not get flustered.

Danny is brought in for interrogation. The former NFL player is not sure what he wants out of this experience. He loves the people here and “now it’s all about what I can give.” Danny feels like he’s “always been the underdog,” but he’s always prepared. He begins to cry in front of the DS, who tell him that his weakness is how he handles frustration.

Special Forces
The remaining recruits of ‘Special Forces.’ (FOX)

Danny returns to the recruits, and they all want to know his decision. He’s staying. “The only reason why I’m here is because you are here,” he says.

By Day 6 of Special Forces, only 8 recruits remain. This next task is a test of control and balance. They will have to walk between huge shipping crates. They can’t grab onto the wire or anything else. Anthony Scaramucci is first up. He admits that he’s been “afraid of heights” his entire life. He starts shaking and falls down after the midway point.

Anthony tells the recruits that his “physicality is wearing down.” Kenya Moore is next, and she also has an extreme fear of heights. She makes it across, and one of the Directing Staff tells her she put forth a “great effort.” The remaining 6 recruits make pass at it, with 4 more recruits passing this test.

After the test, Hannah Brown is called in for tactical questioning. “The shouting just makes me freeze up,” she says. Her dad used to be that way to “protect” her. Hannah admits that she’s still struggling with how she’s perceived by others after her time on The Bachelorette. She’s been “soul-searching” to try and figure out who she is.

Kenya MOore
Kenya Moore on ‘Special Forces.’ (FOX)

Kenya’s knee is starting to really bother her, but the tests just keep coming. In over 100-degree heat, the recruits have to run across the desert in one of the most challenging tasks yet. Dwight supports Kenya and helps get her to where she needs to be.

The recruits will be set on fire in this next test. In order to pass, they have to run to the sand bank, drop, and roll until the fire is extinguished. If they panic and drop too early, they fail.

Carli Lloyd is up first. She’s covered in protective gel and set on fire. She passes as do the rest of the recruits. Even though her knee is still hurting, Kenya braves any of her doubts and passes this test. On the way out, some of the recruits leave behind some of their gear.

After this latest test, Anthony has hit his limit. He’s physically done. He quits. Meanwhile, Kenya says she can’t walk because of her knee. The remaining 7 recruits are chastised for leaving gear behind. They are punished by having to complete 3 laps of a physical course. If anyone doesn’t finish in the 10 minutes, they all have to go ahead.

Anthony Scaramucci
Anthony Scaramucci after being set on fire. (FOX)

Kenya struggles from the start. Dwight tries to help her, but she’s just exhausted. The RHOA star begins to cry and says she can’t go on. She takes of her wristband and quits. With only 6 recruits left, Hannah is the only non-athlete left. There are only 4 days left, and anything is possible.

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