Exclusive Interview About TV Show – Hollywood Life

Exclusive Interview About TV Show – Hollywood Life 7
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Rupert Grint is starring in the brand-new Apple TV+ series ‘Servant.’ He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the ‘explosive’ and ‘disturbing’ new show and his character’s ‘interesting position.’

Rupert Grint stars as Julian in the new Apple TV+ show Servant, which premieres Nov. 28. The series, which is executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, follows Dorothy and Sean Turner, who have suffered a devastating tragedy. When they hire a young nanny named Leanne, they soon notice a dark shift in their lives. Rupert was drawn to this psychological thriller the moment he read the script. “I’d never read anything like it,” he told HollywoodLife at the show’s New York City press junket. “I think I only got the first, maybe the first episode, and just kind of one scene completely out of context. I had no idea what was going on. But there was just something about it that was so deeply kind of disturbing and unsettling, occasionally very surreal, and had a bit of humor as well. It was kind of everything you want in a show.”

Julian is Dorothy’s younger brother. Rupert teased that his character has an “interesting position and dynamic” because he doesn’t live in the house where Dorothy, Sean, and Leanne are the majority of the time. When Leanne arrives, things definitely take a turn. “She’s this kind of dark force that enters the house and Julian just can’t really work her out,” Rupert continued.

Throughout filming, the cast was kept in the dark about where the story was going. “You still have so many questions and that’s what I love about this show,” Rupert said. “Constantly throughout, you’re always asking — is this supernatural or can things be rationally kind of explained? With the characters as well, you always kind of question are they good or are they bad… That fact that it’s all contained in one space, this one house, just makes things even more kind of explosive.”

The series also stars Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, and Nell Tiger Free. The first three episodes of Servant will be released on Nov. 28. From then on, new episodes of the 10-episode first season will premiere Fridays on Apple TV+. Servant has already been renewed for a second season.

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