Fisherman Sandals Are Dividing the Who What Wear UK Office

Fisherman Sandals Are Dividing the Who What Wear UK Office 7

As the story goes with many trends that become instant hits, at some point (in this case, last summer), a certain sandal style quickly became the footwear of choice for stylish dressers. The shoe in question? Fisherman sandals. Their rise to prominence was swift, becoming a staple for those seeking an easy-to-style option when the temperature rises. You could spot them everywhere, and they became one of the sure signs that summer had officially begun. However, their sudden popularity led to questions about their enduring appeal. With summer 2024 fast approaching and so many fresh pairs of fisherman sandals on the market, you might be wondering if they’re still in style.

Fisherman Sandals

We say yes. Despite the initial saturation, these classic strappy sandals have managed to maintain their place in the fashion scene, albeit with a hint of controversy. Influencers and celebrities alike continue to embrace them, showcasing innovative ways to style these versatile shoes. From Monikh Dale and Lois Sterling pairing The Row Fisherman sandals with flowy dresses, which offer a more bohemian vibe, to others opting to pair them with tailored trousers and jeans—there’s no shortage of inspiration. Yet, for some, Fisherman Sandals remain a polarising choice, criticised for their chunky silhouette and perceived lack of sophistication.

Fisherman Sandals

They’ve even divided the Who What Wear UK office. Acting affiliates editor, Florrie Alexander, is a staunch advocate, proclaiming, “I love how Fisherman Sandals simply add a laid-back, summer-ready vibe to any outfit. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable for all-day wear.” Her sentiment resonates with a few others in the office who share her enthusiasm for the trend. Rebecca Rhys-Evans, senior fashion & beauty editor, branded content is a cult sandal gal and she can’t deny the appeal of the Fishermans “As someone that loves a thong kitten heel, I tried a pair of fisherman’s for a story at Who What Wear UK and have since swapped them for sneakers in summer as they are so comfortable”

I for one, however, was a little hesitant to warm up to the shoe. As a classic dresser, I found the sandals a little too chunky and casual for my style. The wide strapped design and often too-thick sole clashes with my preference for sleek and refined pieces. Although, I can’t deny the way they elevated a recent outfit of mine, which consisted of a black maxi T-shirt dress and tote bag—so they may just win me over yet.

Fisherman Sandals

Love them or loathe them, Fisherman Sandals show no signs of disappearing. Their enduring popularity speaks to their timeless appeal and adaptability. So, whether you’re a devoted fan like Florrie or a former skeptic like myself, the debate rages on: Are Fisherman Sandals done? What’s your take? We think they’ll always have a place in our footwear collection. Keep scrolling for the styles that team Who What Wear UK wholeheartedly recommend.

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