Freckled Zelda & Chapel Hart Performances Stun – Hollywood Life

Freckled Zelda & Chapel Hart Performances Stun – Hollywood Life 7

Freckled Zelda

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The second round of the America’s Got Talent season 17 qualifiers have arrived. The Pack Drumline from Chicago kicks things off with a rousing performance. With only two acts out of 11 able to move forward, the group knows they can’t save their best performance for the finals. They have to leave it all out on the floor tonight.

The Pack Drumline doesn’t mess around. You can feel the energy in the room. Decked out in red suits, the group wows on stage. The crowd erupts after the performance. You can’t even hear Howie Mandel speak. “This is the way to open the show!” Sofia Vergara raves. Simon Cowell adds, “That’s how you win the show.” Simon also calls the performance a “masterclass.”

The Pack Drumline
The Pack Drumline during the latest qualifiers. (NBC)

Freckled Zelda Enchants With A Throwback Song

The Brown Brothers get creative with their performance full of impressions that include Mickey Mouse, Venom, Goofy, Elmo, Gollum, Donkey, Blake Shelton, Bon Jovi, Bee Gees, and even Simon. They harmonize with all the famous voices to make their act even more unique. Howie says this felt like a “finale” performance.

Mr. Pants returns to the AGT stage, and his latest performance is lackluster at best. Simon doesn’t waste any time pressing his red X. Mr. Pants’ standup routine is awkward and clunky, even after he tries to shake things up by taking off his pants. Howie thinks people will vote for Mr. Pants because of his bad jokes.

Fusion Japan performs next and ups the stakes in a major way. Their performance is theatrical and everything you’d want in a Vegas performance. “I am already blown away by the talent we are seeing this year,” Simon admits before adding that this performance was “better” than Fusion Japan’s audition. Howie calls this a “winning performance.”

Freckled Zelda
Freckled Zelda during the August 16 episode. (NBC)

Freckled Zelda throws it way back by singing The Neverending Story theme song. Heidi tells Freckled Zelda that she has a “beautiful voice” and reveals her daughter came to the show to see her. Simon admits that he preferred her audition and says Freckled Zelda got “lost in the production.”

Duo Rings take the competition to the next level with their latest performance. They get up close and personal with the judges in the final act of their routine. “It was hot, it was dangerous, it was everything!” Heidi raves. Simon tells the aerial duo that they are one of the best two acts of the night so far.

Chapel Hart Shines With Original Country Song

Wyn Starks wows with his performance of “In The Stars” by Benson Boone. Simon tells Wyn that his performance was a “remarkable” tribute to his late brother. Aiko Tanada’s standup act gets a big thumbs up from Howie. He admits that he likes “all” of her jokes and believes her career is “blasting off.”

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Howie’s Golden Buzzer Maddie sings a sensational rendition of “Higher Love.” Simon points out that while Maddie “went off-key at times,” it didn’t matter. He thinks this was a “step up” from her audition. Sofia notes that Maddie may be the youngest contestant on the show, but she is a “pro already.”

Illusionist Yu Hojin transports the judges with his dreamy performance. “Everything you do is so elegant,” Heidi says. Simon, who gave Yu a no during the auditions, has changed his tune about the illusionist. “I am officially an idiot,” Simon says.

The final performance of the night is country trio Chapel Hart, who earned the Group Golden Buzzer during the auditions. They sing another fierce original song “The Girls Are Back In Town.” Heidi predicts that Chapel Hart and Drake will make it to the finale!

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