Fredo Bang Speculated To Be In Polyamorous Relationship

Fredo Bang Speculated To Be In Polyamorous Relationship 7

Thanks to a new upload, the speculation surrounding Fredo Bang’s relationship with the married mothers of his son has really amped up!

Specifically, following a recent post that shows the “Like A Gee” rapper on a lil’ vacation with YouTube couple Annie and Sevyn Buffins, some fans believe that the trio may be in a polyamorous relationship.

Sevyn Gave Fredo Bang A Shoutout On Instagram: ‘Can You Be My Daddy Too?’

Sevyn shared the photos in question to Instagram on Sunday, and they highlight some good times that were shared between her, Annie, and Fredo Bang while on vacation.

Notably, one of the uploads was a text post that read, “I loveeeee a good father, yes daddy can you be my daddy too?”

We should also add that, within the caption of the upload, Sevyn asked for suggestions for where they should travel for Fredo’s birthday later this month, implying that another excursion is in the works.

After this post began making rounds online, fans began chirping away on Twitter about how it appears as though Fredo and the married couple could be in a polyamorous relationship.

You can check out people’s supportive reactions down below.

However, in spite of this growing speculation, we should add that Fredo maintains that he isn’t dating anyone, as he recently proclaimed that he’s “Reminded Daily To Stay Single.” In fact, this tweet came just one day ahead of Sevyn’s upload.

The Couple Spoke On Their ‘Personal Relationship’ With The Rapper

While on the subject, we should point out that the Buffins family spoke on their relationship with Fredo Bang during a sit-down with The Shade Room earlier this year.

The interview specifically went down after Annie and Sevyn welcomed a son named Payton—who was “conceived intentionally and planned”—with the rapper.

After pointing out that she and Sevyn have been married since 2020, Annie shared that they have a “great” and “personal” relationship with Fredo Bang.

“We are happily married…However, as far as our relationship goes with Frederick, listen, we have a great relationship, it’s a personal relationship and that just is what it is.”

Regarding the arrangement, Fredo shared, “I was able to bring life into the world with two women that were already the best mothers to their first son…It was the best decision I could’ve made.”

What are your thoughts on the speculation, as well as Fredo Bang’s overall family situation?

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