Frontier, Spirit Airlines Claim Last Place in Latest Ranking Results

Frontier, Spirit Airlines Claim Last Place in Latest Ranking Results 7

Roomies, if legroom is a major concern for you when flying, you’ll probably want to avoid traveling with Frontier or Spirit Airlines.

According to a new study published by Upgraded Points, these two companies have ranked last in the amount of legroom they offer to economy customers.

Spirit Airlines Has The Smallest Legroom, Researchers Claim

Upgraded Points, an organization providing comprehensive data on airlines and their amenities, reportedly compared eight domestic airlines in their research.

The lack of legroom on Spirit Airlines-operated flights has been a frequent point of criticism.

However, this study has given customers a better insight into how much room they have to stretch their legs, particularly on long-haul flights.

The study found that each seat on a Spirit flight has an average of 28 inches of seat pitch, described as “the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it.”

However, one also has to consider the fact that Spirit is a budget-friendly company, so it can be argued that the customer gets what they pay for.

Keri Stooksbury, editor-in-chief at Upgraded Points, sees things a little differently.

The legroom issue could also be one of the reasons why Spirit, in particular, has gained its not-so-positive reputation over the years.

“Legroom is a crucial aspect of passenger comfort, especially during longer flights,” Stooksbury said in a statement via the New York Post.

“Our goal is to empower travelers with information that helps them make informed decisions while traveling. So, we’re happy to shed some light on which airlines prioritize more space for their passengers.”

Airline With The Most Legroom Revealed

JetBlue emerged as the clear champion in this contest, boasting an impressive average legroom of 32.3 inches.

Following closely was Southwest Airlines, with 31.8 inches of room.

Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines tied for the next spot with an average legroom of 31 inches.

American Airlines wasn’t too far behind either, with a generous 30.2 inches of legroom.

United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines were at the bottom of the list, offering 30.1 inches and 29 inches of legroom, respectively.

However, nobody could beat Spirit Airlines, tying with Frontier Airlines with a modest 28 inches of legroom.

Over the years, airlines have reportedly been reducing the space between rows to accommodate more seats and increase revenues, per the LA Times.

The publication claimed in its 2022 report that the “shrinking” trend may be nearing its end due to a combination of regulatory pressure, customer backlash, and plane design changes.

But from the look of things, Spirit doesn’t seem to have any plans to increase legroom space for its economy-flying passengers anytime soon.

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