Girl Texts Pictures Of Dogs To Alleged Undercover Cop Looking For Weed (Photo)



When I was in high school, there were constantly rumors about the police making fake Facebook profiles to keep track of students and get them in trouble for drinking and smoking weed.

I don’t know if those particular rumors held any weight, but it’s not exactly a secret that a number of cops are willing to do whatever they can to set themselves up for an arrest that makes them look good to the people who matter.

Twitter user @littlestp123 claims she was given the number of an undercover cop in search of illicit substances, which are apparently synonymous with the fire emoji among members of law enforcement.

She decided to text the officer, but it appears there was some sort of miscommunication.


She decided to end the exchange to avoid drawing the unnecessary ire of whoever was on the other end, and eventually deleted the entire thread after her followers started to text the number (which she had neglected to remove):

Even if it wasn’t an undercover cop, I’ll rest easier knowing there was a desperate stoner who couldn’t understand why a dealer kept sending pictures of Labrador retrievers.

It’s the little things in life that make it such a fun adventure.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur

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