Grace VanderWaal Fashion Shoot and Interview

Grace VanderWaal Fashion Shoot and Interview 7
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How would you say your style has changed since you won America’s Got Talent?

I’ve always sort of known what I like and what I want to wear. Honestly, the best way my style has evolved since then has to do with the people around me getting to know that and letting me have more freedom. I also love that I’m getting older because all my life, I’ve always loved high fashion and editorial stuff, but it used to be kind of weird for me to wear it. So I’m really happy that I get to experiment with that a little bit now. I just recently wore Marc Jacobs to a red carpet, and I loved that.

Your fashion vibe has such a strong perspective. How do you decide what to wear?

I’m really drawn to funky stuff. The whole alien-esque aesthetic is beautiful. I just want to look like an alien. Always alien vibes with me. But I pretty much go for whatever I feel fire in. It doesn’t even matter what it looks like; it matters how I feel in it. If my clothes change the way I walk, then I know I am in something perfect.

What does a fire walk look like?

A fire walk is when you put on clothes and can’t seem to move like you normally would. For some reason, you can only strut. You can only take big strides because you feel that good.

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