Gwen Stefani Mocks Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’ As A ‘Diva’ — Recap – HollywoodLife

Gwen Stefani Mocks Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’ As A ‘Diva’ — Recap – HollywoodLife 3
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Gwen Stefani may be dating Blake Shelton, but she’s teaming up with John Legend and Kelly Clarkson to take him down on the Sept. 24 episode of ‘The Voice.’

The Sept. 24 episode of The Voice begins with a performance from Shane Q. He sings a rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” and catches the attention of all four coaches, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Blake makes a strong pitch by sharing his successful stats from past seasons of The Voice, but in the end, Shane chooses Kelly as her coach.

Before the next audition, Kelly, Gwen and John have a hilarious conversation about Blake and how they want to take him down since he’s the only OG coach. “We gotta team up!” Kelly insists, to which even Blake’s girlfriend, Gwen, agrees, “Exactly. He feels like this is HIS show. It’s like…you gotta share a little bit! He’s become a diva!” Meanwhile, Blake cracks a joke about how he deserves more respect from the less experienced coaches. “I’m the only original coach left on the show,” he says. “It’s time people start acting like it. i’ve got the most seasons under my belt. I think the people here need a lesson in respecting their elders!” Of course, it’s all in good fun, but there’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition.

Next up is Max Boyle, who performs Johnny Cash’s “Wayfaring Stranger.” Kelly and John turn around at the same time, but John also uses his push to BLOCK Kelly! This makes her ineligible, so Max automatically goes to John’s team. Hello Sunday, a duo, is next to take the stage with a rendition of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. Kelly is the only coach to turn her chair, and so she automatically gets the  girls, who are 13 and 14 years old, on her team.

The next performer is Emily Bass. She sings “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. While the coaches are definitely impressed, they agree that Emily needs a little more polishing, and no one turns around. Of course, they urge her to come back for another chance next season. Next, Royce Lovett performs “911” by Wyclef Jean. Gwen turns around first, but it isn’t long before Blake joins in. So, Gwen jumps out of her seat and starts dancing to make sure she has Royce’s attention! It works, too, as even Blake gives in and admits Gwen would be the best coach for Royce, and it’s no surprise when he picks her.

Up next, Elise Azkoul hits the stage to sing a gorgeous rendition of “A Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga. Gwen is the only coach to turn around, so Elise nabs a spot on the No Doubt singer’s team. The final artist of the night is country boy Cory Jackson. His performance of “Galveston” by Glen Campbell intrigues Blake and Kelly to turn around, and at the last minute, Gwen joins in. It’s almost a given that Cory is going to choose Blake, but Gwen references her relationship with the country singer and assures Cory, “I’m a little bit country now!” It’s not enough, though, and Cory picks Blake as his coach.

Here’s where the teams stand after night two of the Blind Auditions:

John – Katie Kadan, Will Breman, Max Boyle

Kelly – Brennan Lassiter, Alex Guthrie, Shane Q, Hello Sunday

Blake – Kat Hammock, Marina Chello, Cory Jackson

Gwen – Jake Haldenvang, Rose Short, Kyndal Inskeep, Royce Lovett, Elise Azkoul

Next week, the Blind Auditions will continue with more performances from rising stars who are hoping to win The Voice, which airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. The next episode will be Sept. 30.

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