Hailey Bieber Shares “Biggest” Pregnancy Craving & Bump Photos

Hailey Bieber Shares "Biggest" Pregnancy Craving & Bump Photos 7

After initially keeping their pregnancy private, Hailey Bieber got generous with her and Justin Bieber’s fans on Wednesday (May 15). The first-time mama shared a few throwback photos of her growing baby bump and her latest outta pocket pregnancy craving!

As previously reported, the married couple first announced their parenthood adventure on May 9. They each shared a recap video of Justin snapping maternity photos of Hailey.

The post also seemed to show a recommitment ceremony enactment, but the couple hasn’t confirmed those speculations.

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Hailey Bieber Shares MORE Pregnancy Details

TMZ previously reported that baby Bieber has been baking for about six months and should be here by late summer. Again, that’s not information Hailey, as explicitly confirmed.

However, the model invited her 52.2 million Instagram followers to take a closer look at her baby bump in unseen photos. She captioned the carousel post, “the past few weeks.”

The third photo in the feed post shows Hailey Bieber cradling her baby bump while wearing a pink butterfly crop top. In the fifth photo, she wears the same top and poses with her bare bump exposed. The last picture shows another angle of the butterfly top moment.

Meanwhile, the second-to-last one showed the model lounging, sipping on what looked like coffee. She was chilling outdoors with her white T-shirt tucked under her breasts, belly exposed, and blue cap on.

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Over on her Instagram Story, Hailey shared her a photo of an odd pregnancy craving but warned her fans that they are “not allowed to judge!!” 

“Currently my biggest craving,” she wrote. “Egg salad on top of a pickle with hot sauce, and no, you’re not allowed to judge!!”

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber hasn’t uploaded anything else regarding their unborn to his Instagram. The pregnancy reveal post on his page has over 551,000 comments and more than 16 million likes.

One thing about the pop star is that he’s been ready for that dad life since 2020! At the time, he told Ellen DeGeneres that he’d love to have “a little tribe.”

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