Hannah’s Guys Reunite & Luke’s In The Hot Seat – Recap – Hollywood Life

Hannah’s Guys Reunite & Luke’s In The Hot Seat – Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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Luke Parker is put in the hot seat on ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’ special, as Hannah and the guys address him for the first time since the wild season aired. Here’s what went down!

The Men Tell All special for season 15 of The Bachelorette begins with footage that followed Hannah Brown eliminating Luke Parker after he shamed her for having sex in the fantasy suite. Hannah heads to the next rose ceremony, where she has to decide who she wants to send home of her remaining three guys: Jed Wyatt, Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron. However, she arrives to the rose ceremony to a surprise — LUKE is there with the other three men! He returns to try and win her back, and he even has a diamond ring to “prove how serious” he is about it. Luckily, Hannah is perfectly clear with how she feels about Luke now, and with some help from the other men, she shuts him down and sends him home for good.

Now, it’s time for him to be put in the hot seat on Men Tell All. He explains that he returned to the show to get “clairty or closure” because he was convinced Hannah was “making a huge mistake.” Chris Harrison doesn’t let Luke off easy. “You had your say, it just went poorly and you wanted another say…right?” he asks. To that, Luke gives a lengthy response: “Just to clarify so everyone can understand – I had explained what I wanted in marriage for me. I talked about abstaining from sex before marriage. I would be a fool to continue this and just assume we were on the same page. So i asked her…have you or do you plan on being sexually intimate in the other relationships in the fantasy suite? And that is when she turned and I could tell she felt like I was judging her, where I was simply asking a question for clarity for myself.  She asked me, ‘I’m not saying I have had sex or that I haven’t, but let’s say I have — would that change how you feel?’ I said, ‘To be honest, I don’t know what I would say. I would say I’d want to approach you and talk to you about it.’ Right after that, I said that my initial reaction would be I want to remove myself from the relationship and go home.”

Luke says that he was “completely blindsided” by “how [Hannah] was handling the whole conversation” and that he “didn’t expect her reaction.” He adds, “I wouldn’t want someone that I’m literally getting fitted for a suit to propose in and I’m finding out the night before my one-on-one time with her that she’s having sex. That’s not something I want in a future wife.” Chris asks him why he didn’t just leave when he found out that Hannah did make the choice to have sex, and Luke struggles to put together a response.

“I made a mistake. I made Hannah out to be this perfect woman, the perfect wife for me, with all the qualities I wanted in my future wife,” he admits, with boos coming from the crowd. “She said it herself – she had a love at first sight moment with me and she knew I was the one from the beginning. That’s something she shared with me. It wasn’t the fact that she had sex that would make me completely want to leave her. Again, I went back to the rose ceremony because I felt like she was making a mistake and I really thought that no matter what, this is the one for me. I never felt anything like this. These feelings are real and I know they are real for her.”

Luke continues to reiterate that he only went back to the rose ceremony because he was convinced Hannah loved him and he was “willing to fight” for her. “It’s frustrating being misunderstood,” he says. “She totally thought I was judging her. I was shocked. I was very confused. Hannah brought up me and pride, and yes, I did have a lot of pride and I was very arrogant on the show. That’s something I struggled with heavily and that’s something I’m working on now.”

However, he admits that he does not agree with Hannah calling him “narcissistic,” which, of course, is met with boos from the crowd. Despite all that happened, though, Luke says he’s still in love with Hannah. What shocks the crowd the most, though, is that Luke reveals he “wouldn’t change a thing” if he could go back and re-live the situation. Of course, he eventually backtracks. “Obviously, if I could go back, I would change a whole lot,” he says. “But I’m just thankful that it played out the way it did. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a man from it all.

He complains over how he was treated by the other men and how them “neglecting and disrespecting” him took a toll. “What was really hard was that the woman I really thought was the woman of my dreams was questioning my integrity and character the whole process,” Luke admits. “The guys was one thing, but it was a two-headed dragon, and it was not easy.”

Eventually, one of the other contestants, Devin, comes onstage addresses Luke himself. “I gotta call out s*** when I see it,” Devin rants. “My blood has been boiling. Luke, there are two types of men – men that want an independent, strong woman and men who want a woman they can control. I feel right now that you are the man who wants to control a woman so you can feel better about yourself. I’m sorry, but that’s not a man. What blows my mind is you’re saying you were on a rescue mission to save Hannah, but it seems the only person that needed rescuing was Hannah…from you.”

To defend himself, Luke insists, “The last thing I want and the last thing I’ll ever do is control a woman. I want a woman that will make decisions for herself and won’t need me around. A man is supposed to lead and guide a woman in a relationship. You guys watching me here backstage, I’m not here to argue and defend myself, so whoever’s next to come out, lay it on me.”

Well, Luke gets a chance to confront ALL the guys, as they’re all brought onstage. Mike slams Luke for doing “stupid crap” throughout the process, and says he will never accept his apology because he “hasn’t shown that he’s changed,” even all this time later. Connor also goes off on Luke, and calls him a “liar, manipulator and psychopath.” Luke admits to “bold-face lying” and being “immature” on the show, but the other guys are pissed because they still don’t think he’s changed from being that way.

Before bringing Hannah out, Chris lets Luke have one last chance to speak for himself. “It hurts me to hear that some of you don’t accept my apology,” he admits. “I want you to know that I’m sincerely sorry for how it played out and I really hope you can forgive me.” Of course, no one believes he’s actually being sincere and Connor reiterates that they won’t accept his apology until he can prove to them that he’s changed.

John Paul Jones gets in the hot seat next, and has the crowd cracking up when he lets an audience member come onstage and cut his hair. Then, Mike takes centerstage and opens up about how he looks back at his time on The Bachelorette fondly, despite getting his heart broken by Hannah. Finally, it’s Hannah’s turn to take the hot seat, and she gives viewers a better explanation of why she kept Luke around for so long.

“I will never try to say that the feelings that I had for him weren’t real…because they were,” she reveals. “But I think a lot of that came from being really insecure about being the Bachelorette in the first place. I had this doubt of…oh my gosh, are the guys going to be disappointed? The first night there, there was a huge fear of what the guys’ intentions are. Luke made me believe he was there for me and gave me hope from the beginning and I held onto it a lot longer than I should have, but it gave me safety. Ultimately, I’m really glad that that relationship is behind me and I learned a lot from the experience. I deserved so much more than what I put up with.”

Hannah explains that her and Luke’s connection based on their faith was “weaponized” against her. She also scolds Luke for thinking that the fantasy suites are “just about sex,” and he tries to insist that she told him she wouldn’t be using the fantasy suite for sex. “I did not say that,” Hannah responds. “Fantasy suites aren’t for sex, Luke. You didn’t have one, so maybe you don’t know. I had been blind to everything that happened. I knew if I listened to [the other guys] say what [Luke] did, I would always have a ‘what if.’ I didn’t want that. I needed to feel it and see it for myself. That night, I felt it and saw it for myself. That was when it snapped for me that I will not put up with this. That’s not love. That’s not what the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is ever going to make me feel. I’m so over beings slut-shamed and being told that that makes me not a woman of faith.” After that, Luke leaves the stage without an explanation, and the show moves on.

Hannah addresses Mike and lets him know that it was really hard for her to send him home. She apologizes, and they share a sweet moment. Meanwhile, Garrett admits that he was hurt that Hannah chose Luke over him, but apologizes because he now realizes she was misled by Luke the entire time. “I don’t regret the way it happened because I feel like the relationship that I had with Luke, unfortunately, is a relationship that a lot of women can relate to,” she concludes. “A lot of women have been in toxic relationships and maybe, just maybe, me going through that and being able to remember my with and figure that out for myself can help somebody in that now and see the signs of that and ultimately that makes me realize that I don’t have regrets because it was all worth it.”

The Bachelorette continues with a two night finale on July 29 and July 30 on ABC.

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