Harry Styles Super Awkward Reaction To Zayn Malik Interview Question

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Harry Styles & One Direction awkward reaction to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction on the Ellen Show after his Fader Magazine interview. Plus Harry Styles …
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  1. Harry is joking around to ease the tension, not everyone would want to pour out their soul publicly. People react to different situations differently

  2. Guys okay…I am not a directioner but some who are the real fans and saying that "I am team 1D", "Zayn betrayed us", "we are real fan coz now 1D has 4 members left and we choose them" just think guys…that Zayn also contributed a lot to 1D…with Zayn they made many good songs…I am not saying that they are not making good songs now coz they are…but Zayn along with the other members played a huge role in 1D and you are a directioner coz you love their songs when they all were 5…so please just don't take sides!! You all know that you are a directioner coz you love all the 5 boys not just 4!! And even if some true fans are saying that "we shouldn't take sides and 1D will never be the same without Zayn"….you all are saying ugly things to that person. First of all for your kind info 1D is completed with 5 members…I am shocked how some of u are just putting aside all the hardwork Zayn did in making and singing the songs. Even though he left 1D..he will always have his place in songs. Every one…whether its Louis,Harry,Zayn,Niall or Liam always be a part of 1D as they all did work hard and been through every shit together…so please stop taking sides.
    Ps- When Camilla left Fifth Harmony you guys said that "We are real fans and we support each and every member…it does not matter that she left and she will always have a place in hearts" and blah blah blah…what happened now? Didn't Zayn work hard in that group? Me and you all know that 1D have never gotten so much success and recognition without Zayn or any other member so appreciate all of them or one.

  3. I love all of the five angels! No teams, just One Direction. I refuse to accept the fact that Zayn is no longer in One Direction, so the only option is One Direction. ❤️????????

  4. TEAM 1D MALIK. dude that's not something you can really say. I will forever support one direction. . . meaning ALL of One Direction. Including our lil Zen



  6. Zayns a good singer, and I’ll be happy if he comes back for the reunion that will happen, but I honestly don’t like him bc of the things he’s said about 1d. So I’m team 1d

  7. actually there not teams for me i love zayn as well as 1D both of them are super amazing for me. but please zayn if you read this plz again join 1D plz plz plz.????????????????????????

  8. there are no teams we are all one band and idc if he left or the boys are on hiatus we will forever be one band 4 in our eyes but 5 in our hearts


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