Here’s How Style Trends Are Shifting in 2020

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As we step into 2020, we’re moving in a new year, yes, but also a brand-new decade. This shift is palpable, and it’s easy to see that people are reevaluating their outlook when it comes to all areas of their lives. What do they hope to achieve by the end of the next decade? How do they want to pivot from the decisions of the last one? Sure, these decisions apply to relationships, politics, the environment, and attitudes towards money and travel, but also fashion.

Interested to find out how insiders are approaching fashion moving into 2020, I asked them to share the one image that reflects their style vibe. What I discovered was more than just women who wanted to reinvent their image, but a thoughtful approach to getting dressed that considers everything from sustainability and careful consumption to trend fatigue.

Really, what it boils down to is an interest in crafting a timeless wardrobe that will last a lifetime instead of one that simply relies on chasing trends. This is an outlook I personally identify with, and I look forward to a decade where those attitudes are championed by my peers in the industry. Go on to see how fashion insiders are approaching style for the year ahead.

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