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  • Daisy Jones & The Six’s ending is different from the book.
  • Karen and Graham split.
  • Julia is revealed as the director of the documentary.

What exactly happened to The Six that made them split up in 1977? All of the drama — inside and outside the band — culminated in the last 2 episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six. The story, based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel, ended on a heartbreaking but hopeful note. For fans of the book, the ending of the show features one particular scene that’s not in the book. Before we get to that, let’s break down the final episodes.

Daisy Dumps Nicky After Her Overdose

The beginning of episode 9 picks up in the aftermath of Daisy’s overdose. Nicky has the audacity to be there when she wakes up after abandoning her. Daisy wakes up and goes to Billy’s room. She demands to know what happened last night. All that she remembers is that he was there. When Daisy finds out that Nicky left her, she tells her husband to pack his things and leave. He initially refuses, which causes Daisy to push him. He retaliates and that’s when Warren steps in to tell Nicky to back off. After Nicky finally leaves, that’s when Daisy breaks down in Karen’s arms.

Riley Keough
Riley Keough and Sam Claflin as Daisy and Billy. (Prime Video)

In the days that follow, everyone notices how sad Daisy is acting. She tries to call Simone. Daisy shows up on Billy’s tour bus when she realizes she can’t be around all the drugs anymore. They both acknowledge that this is the life they’ve always wanted, but Daisy wonders why they’re both so unhappy. She admits that Billy makes this whole situation worse because he was right about Nicky all along. “I hate that you saw me like that, and I hate that you were the one who saved me,” she tells Billy. Billy thinks she should call Teddy about going to rehab, and he’d take her if she wanted to go.

Daisy doesn’t get sober, though. She just starts setting limits for herself. During one of the band’s concerts, she confesses to the crowd that she almost died the other night. After revealing her feelings, Daisy feels better. Things begin to gear toward an upswing for everyone. The band’s nominated for Grammys. They perform on SNL, which is where Warren meets his future wife.

Meanwhile, Simone gets the record deal she’s been striving after for years. However, the label has some stipulations. They don’t want any “rumors.” Initially, Simone thinks she can have her record deal and Bernie, but Bernie knows that Simone is going to have to choose.

Following the band’s SNL performance, Teddy is hospitalized for a blockage in the blood flow to his heart. Billy is terrified that he’s going to lose Teddy, a man he looks to as a father figure. Simone shows up at the hospital and reconciles with Daisy after the Greece drama.

Daisy & Billy Both Make Confessions About Their Feelings

Daisy and Billy grow closer in the weeks that follow. Daisy admits that she’s been thinking about the next album. She even has a song in mind. When she performs the song for him, it’s clear to Billy that this is a song about her being in love with him. These two are teetering very close to a free fall.

Karen discovers she’s pregnant in Boston. While Graham is ecstatic, Karen is not. Graham mentions that the band will have to find a new keyboardist, and that sets Karen off. She’s not quitting the band to raise a baby. “I never wanted this, Graham,” she admits.

Riley Keough
Daisy and Billy share an intimate embrace. (Prime Video)

The band goes to Pittsburgh for their hometown concern. Camila and Daisy get a chance to talk. Daisy admits that she doesn’t want kids because she’s afraid she’ll just screw them up. Camila tells Daisy not to count motherhood out. She’s capable of more than she knows. Karen ends up telling Camila about the baby, and Camila is the one to take Karen to the abortion clinic the next day.

The Pittsburgh concert is amazing. However, the cracks in the band really begin to show when Eddie prepares to perform “Two Against Three” with Daisy. Billy snatches his guitar and performs with Daisy instead. This is Eddie’s breaking point.

The next morning, Billy and Daisy spend time alone doing a crossword puzzle. Daisy admits that she has a vision of them doing the same thing 20 years from now. Billy believes that they’ll still be working together. That’s when Daisy shoots her shot. “We should be together,” Daisy confesses.

As soon as she says it, Daisy tries to run off. Billy stops her. “I want that, too,” Billy admits. “But she’s my wife. I’m never gonna leave her… This… this is what we’re supposed to be.” Billy is grasping for dear life to this idea that nothing has to change. He doesn’t realize how much this will hurt Daisy. It’s not enough for her.

While nothing physical happens at this moment, that’s not what it looks like to Camila when she walks into the house. She immediately thinks they’re having an affair. The cracks continue to widen.

Karen Gets An Abortion

Episode 10 takes us to the infamous Chicago concert on October 4, 1977. The Six perform to a sold-out crowd, and it ends up being their final performance ever. Simone shows up in Chicago to support Daisy. She reveals that she turned down the record deal. She refuses to silence herself and turn her back on Bernie.

Camilla Morrone
Camilla Morrone as Camila Dunne. (Prime Video)

Daisy admits that she doesn’t think she can be a part of the band with Billy anymore. The heartbreak hurts too much. Camila ends up confronting Billy about the way he and Daisy were looking at each other. Billy continues to claim it’s just an act. All Camila wants is for Billy to tell the truth. “We’ve both done things,” Camila admits, which makes Billy pause.

Billy admits that he kissed Daisy once, but that’s it. “It meant nothing,” he says. Camila asks Billy to tell her that he doesn’t love Daisy. This is where karma finally catches up to Billy. Saying he doesn’t love Daisy would be a lie, and he can’t lie to Camila. Daisy shows up at the worst possible moment, which causes Camila to run off. “She thinks we’re having an affair. She thinks I’m in love with you,” Billy tells Daisy.

Daisy, hanging onto every word, wants to know how he responded. Billy says he told Camila the truth: “That nothing ever happened and nothing ever will.” The fissures in Daisy’s heart just split wide open.

The Dunne brothers just aren’t having any luck in the love department. While in the elevator alone, Karen reveals to Graham that she had an abortion. Graham is stunned. He walks off and doesn’t say a word to Karen. Later, they finally sit down and talk. Karen doesn’t want a baby now or ever. Graham tells Karen that he would have gone with her, but Karen doesn’t think that would have made the decision any easier. “You’re going to be alone forever. You know that, right?” Graham says, hitting Karen where it hurts.

Camila finds Daisy and decides to talk with her. Daisy stresses to Camila that Billy is telling the truth. “There’s nothing going on between us, not like that anyway,” she says. Daisy has realized that Billy is never going to leave Camila. “You know he loves you, Camila. He’s yours. He’ll always be yours. You are who he’ll choose every f***ing time,” Daisy tells her. And she just has to live with that forever. Camila thinks Billy and Daisy deserve each other.

The Six
The Six, ladies and gentleman! (Prime Video)

Eddie tells Billy that he’s quitting the band after the tour is over. He airs out all his grievances, including that Billy re-recorded his parts on the album. Billy claps back that Eddie likes feeling slighted otherwise he’d have to deliver. Eddie hints that he slept with Camila, which causes Billy to push Eddie square in the eye.

Daisy stumbles upon a letter from her mother that includes pictures of them from when Daisy was young. She decides to call her mother. Instead of showing any semblance of love toward her daughter, Daisy’s mom calls Daisy “selfish” for saying she’s an orphan in interviews. Daisy tells her mom that a million strangers love her more than she ever has.

Billy Relapses & Daisy Lets Him Go

The Chicago concert is where everything hits the fan. Turns out, Billy relapsed before the concert when he believed Camila had left him and felt as if his life was spiraling out of control. Before everything gets underway on stage, Billy passionately kisses Daisy. She notices that he’s drinking again. Daisy and Billy get very close on stage. He is all over her. Daisy almost can’t believe it. Camila watches this from the crowd. She knows there’s more going on even if it’s not physical. Well, it does turn very physical backstage. Daisy and Billy make out backstage, and she wants to know what this means for them.

Billy reveals that Camila left him. Daisy watches him fall off the wagon in front of her eyes. This isn’t Billy and she knows it. Billy thinks they can be broken together, and that’s when Daisy stops everything. “I don’t want to be broken,” she tells him. She wants someone to help her heal, not destroy her.

Suki Waterhouse
Suki Waterhouse and Will Harrison as Karen and Graham. (Prime Video)

Meanwhile, Graham declares his love for Karen. He says he’ll follow her anywhere. Kids, no kids, it doesn’t matter to him. Karen knows in her heart that this is not what Graham wants. She realizes that she has to break his heart and her own in order for them both to get what they truly want. She tells him that she doesn’t love him as he loves her.

The band returns to the stage. Daisy takes a moment to tell the crowd about being in love. “And it hurts, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to,” Daisy says. Love doesn’t have to be cataclysmic, it can be peaceful. She urges the fans to find someone who helps them see the light just as she’s helping Billy see it for himself. Daisy lets Billy go. This isn’t what she wants, but this is the way it has to be. He looks at her with tears in his eyes, knowing full well that Daisy is the one who has the strength to walk away even when he doesn’t.

“This is a love song,” Daisy says before singing “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb).” Billy tries to sing, but he just cries on stage. Daisy tells Billy to go and fight for Camila. And that’s what he does. Billy explains what’s going on with Daisy. “She just sees me for all of me,” he says. He doesn’t believe Camila does because he doesn’t let her. Camila has loved Billy since she was 18 years old. She’s seen all sides of him whether he wants her to or not. She just wants her life with him and Julia. Billy vows to gain back her trust.

“I remember that night,” Julia says, confirming that she’s the director of the documentary about The Six. After the concert, Simone tells Daisy about rehab in Minnesota. As much as it’s going to hurt to give up her found family, this is what Daisy needs to do to heal.

Daisy Jones & The Six’s Different Ending

The next morning, Rod’s preparing to reveal that Daisy’s leaving. Suddenly, Eddie walks out of the hotel and gets into a taxi. Graham drops his guitar and doesn’t get on the bus either.

In the 20 years after the band split, Karen travels the world and continues to play music for strangers. Graham moves back to Pennsylvania, finds love, and starts a family. “I’ve got Karen to thank for that,” Graham says. Karen confesses that she wasn’t truthful in Chicago with Graham. She just told him what he needed to hear.

Riley Keough
Riley Keough as Daisy Jones. (Prime Video)

Eddie forms his own band and is still playing gigs. Warren has been a session drummer for years, including for Daisy’s solo career. He has twin girls with Lisa. Bernie and Simone open a club, while Rod quits the business altogether. Teddy dies in 1983.

“Everything that I have and everything that I’ve done… my music, my sobriety, my daughter, is all because I left that night,” Daisy reveals. She admits she’s been in love many times since then. “But with Billy it was different,” Daisy says.

In the book, Billy has an incredible monologue about his feelings for Daisy. The show takes Billy’s words and splits them between Billy and Daisy. “Everything that made Daisy burn made me burn,” he begins. Daisy says that they were “two halves in that way you almost never find with anyone.” They both can acknowledge now that they needed to heal, and they wouldn’t have been able to do that together then.

Billy ends up going to rehab and therapy. After several years, he wins Camila back. Camila gets sick and dies before the documentary is finished. Eddie doesn’t go to the funeral but wishes he had. “She saw a future for me that I couldn’t see for myself, and she was right,” Daisy admits. Billy tells Julia that Camila was the love of his life.

Julia asks Daisy if she’d do it all again. Daisy doesn’t know how Camila would feel about that. Julia shows Daisy a video of Camila talking about how happy she is for Daisy. “I’ve always been her biggest fan,” Camila says.

Billy watches the same video. “Tell your father to give her a call,” Camila tells Julia. “We have had a wonderful marriage, your father and I. We chose each other. But nothing in life is ever as simple as we want it to be. So one day, when he’s ready, tell your father to give Daisy Jones a call.” In the book, Camila writes these words in an email to her daughters. The show opted to just feature Julia and not Susana and Maria.

In another change from the book, we see Billy actually knock on Daisy’s door. Daisy answers the door. “At the very least, those two owe me a song,” Camila says. Camila’s words are her blessing for Daisy and Billy to start a new chapter. When Daisy opens the door and sees Billy, she has the biggest smile on her face. This is a new beginning for both of them, one that they’re both finally ready to embrace.

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