How Own Host Dr. Laura Berman Is Doing After Son’s Fatal Overdose

OWN host Dr. Laura Berman and her husband Samuel Chapman provided an update on her family just over a month after her 16-year-old son Samuel “Sammy” Berman Chapman was found dead following an accidental overdose.

The teen reportedly died after taking a pill laced with fentanyl, a powerful opioid used to relieve pain that can be deadly in small quantities. 

On the March 20 episode of journalist Ana Garcia‘s podcast True Crime Daily, the couple called the opioid crisis the “other pandemic” facing Americans today, as they detailed how their family is managing in the wake of such a tragedy.

Chapman recalled finding Sammy “on his back after he aspirated on his own vomit.” 

“I had to resuscitate my own son, or at least try to until the paramedics got here,” the father explained, adding that he is now “dealing with terrible PTSD” from the experience. 

Berman and Chapman’s two sons, Ethan and Jackson, are also dealing with the aftermath.

“One of them gets pretty nervous and is worried about accidentally dying because his brother did, and the other one is getting triggered by all of the murder you see on TV,” Chapman explained. “There’s nothing for it except time and feeling your feelings.”

Previously, Berman, a best-selling author and sex therapist, alleged that Sammy had purchased the pill from a drug dealer on Snapchat. 

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