How to Do Her DIY Crafts For The Holiday Season – Hollywood Life

How to Do Her DIY Crafts For The Holiday Season – Hollywood Life 7
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The holidays are around the corner & actress Tiffani Thiessen has the best advice for decorating your home in a crafty & fun way this year!

Who doesn’t love a little DIY?! Tiffani Thiessen gets the whole family involved when it comes to decorating her stunning Los Angeles home for the holidays, and she partnered with JOANN Stores to share how she gets it all done! “I use JOANN as my one-stop shop for all of my homemade holiday decor, from the homemade wreaths to decorating your mantle, to adding special little touches like pillows, and even your table scape — which is huge!” the actress told in an EXCLUSIVE interview while giving a tour of a recreation of her home, decorated for the holidays. “It can be easy. It doesn’t have to be hard. I have a daughter who is nine now and she’s very much into the crafting and DIY, so it also creates time together and memories. Kids also get very proud of the things they make.”

Tiffani added that her daughter recently got into finger knitting and has worked on the garland for their tree all year! “We always do an Advent Calendar, but because kids get gifts already, I had the idea to do something different this year,” she explained one of her DIY projects. “Instead of having little gifts in the Advent Calendar, or chocolate or candy, each day has an envelope with an activity inside. S,o we’ll bake a pie or we’ll do a puzzle, or we will play a board game or a scavenger hunt — something that offers time together and memories.”

In addition to her creative Advent Calendar, Tiffani also made felt ornaments, which were so quick, easy and adorable! Using just assorted colors of felt, scissors, twine and a hot glue gun, the actress cut 1/2” wide strips of felt to 4”, 5” and 6” lengths, and used the hot glue to attach the twine to one end of the 4-inch strip. Then, she sandwiched the 4 inch strip in between the two 5-inch strips and then added two 6-inch strips, all secured with the hot glue. In the end, Tiffani created super cute, handmade ornament in under 5 minutes! She also demonstrated her gift-wrapping skills, which she admitted to sometimes adding holiday-themed designs on with Washi Tape.

How to Do Her DIY Crafts For The Holiday Season – Hollywood Life 8
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“A lot of people don’t realize that besides going to the actual JOANN store, where they have great setups to kind of get you inspired, their site is pretty amazing and very inspirational with a handful of instructions for DIY,” Tiffani said of her crafting inspirations. “A lot of people use Pinterest and I’ve used it many times. I get inspiration from my children, from my family. My husband’s an artist, so I have him do a lot of the handwriting and homemade cards and things like that. Travel, architecture, I feel like everywhere I look, there is inspiration!”

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