How To Make A B52 – Cocktail Recipe

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Hi. My name’s Damian. I’m a bartender here at Liquid Kitty in West LA California. We’re gonna talk a little bit about a drink called the Blushing Bride. It was thought the the B52 wa developed by a Canadian bartender and was actually named after the band, B52 – not the airplane. He was a big fan of the band and he was making shots. He came up with the combination of Baileys, Whip Cream, Kahlua and Grand Marnier. And he originally layered them. I’m gonna try to make it the way he did . I’m gonna show you how to layer a shot. Take a shot glass, here at the Kitty our shot glasses are one ounce. You can get a little bigger in some places. We pour heavy drink but we pour regular size shot. So first thing we’re gonna put at the bottom, we’re gonna put a little bit of Kahlua. So you’re looking at about a third of an ounce of Kahlua [⅓ oz of Kahlua].
And then we’re gonna take that layered effect, take a bar spoon. Got a long handle, small spoon at the top. Pour the alcohol on the back of the spoon, you can see I got that layer effect there. Now take the Gran Marnier and theoretically the Grand marnier will float on top of the Baileys. Just give me a sec, you gotta be very patient. And there’s your Grand Marnier float on top. So you have a three-layered drink called the B52.