How to Shop for Your Own Engagement Ring

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Although it may be a no-brainer to some of you out there, having open conversations with your partner really is crucial when it comes to shopping for your engagement ring (and staying married, come to think of it). Before you even get to whether you prefer yellow or white gold when you start planning on how to shop for your own engagement ring, start the convo with this cheat sheet: 

1. Discuss the awkward financials: Do you plan to share the cost? Are you in the same ballpark in terms of how much you’re thinking is appropriate to spend? Are you hoping for a luxe little blue box, or would that make you cringe?

2. Remember the other factors that might be unexpectedly important to either of you: Maybe your partner is passionate about working with a jeweler who exclusively uses conflict-free gems, maybe there’s an unspoken expectation that you’ll be the recipient of a family heirloom, or maybe you’re both aligned on having a bespoke ring.

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