How to Style Luxury Jewelry

How to Style Luxury Jewelry 7

Accessories are arguably the most important part of any outfit, and no accessory speaks louder than jewelry. Styling jewelry is an art, and luckily, I’m surrounded by experts who make it look easy. I recently chatted with my friend and senior editor Eliza Huber about her love for jewelry and how it relates to her style. She says it’s the perfect way to elevate any outfit and showcase individuality. “When considering a jewelry purchase, I always envision how it integrates into my daily wardrobe,” she explains. One luxury brand she always turns to is Piaget, especially the pieces from its Possession collection. And to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Piaget has reimagined this iconic collection. See how Eliza is styling this playful new assortment and effortlessly transitioning her looks from day to night with these treasured rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches.

eliza huber wearing piaget products

During the day, Eliza keeps her outfits pretty simple. “No matter the season, I gravitate toward an easy sweater-and-jeans combo,” she shares. It’s her passion for jewelry, however, that sets her looks apart. “A few years ago, I got my first luxury watch, never having worn a watch before that. Now I wear one every day no matter what.” Eliza took cues from Piaget’s rose gold and steel Polo Date Watch and expertly combined metals throughout her look. She layered bracelets, rings, and a pendant necklace to add some intentional contrast to her otherwise understated outfit. “I wanted to play around with maximalism,” she notes.

eliza huber wearing piaget jewelry

“Jewelry has this incredible power to elevate the simplest of outfits,” she adds, emphasizing its role as the most important accessory. While styling this jewelry with her outfit, Eliza wanted to lean into the playful nature of this collection. (She and I both can’t get over how much fun it is to play with the spinning features on some of the pieces.) “I just wanted to have fun with it,” she tells me. “The pieces in this collection aren’t big or super loud—they’re just subtly different. You can mix and match them, stacking two bracelets or multiple rings on one hand, especially for the daytime.”

eliza huber wearing piaget products

While her daytime look leaned into maximalism, Eliza takes a “less is more” approach when it comes to her evening looks. “I’m definitely more of a minimalist at night when it comes to jewelry,” she tells me. “So I’ll wear a single ring, a bracelet or pendant necklace, and earrings.”

eliza huber wearing piaget

What’s her number-one trick for the day-to-night transition? “I love to swap out any yellow or rose gold pieces for white gold. For some reason, I associate the evening with silver tones,” she reveals. Eliza curated the perfect minimalist, chic vibe by swapping out her daytime yellow and rose gold accents for sleek and elegant white gold. Anchored again by her trusty timepiece (this time in pure steel!), she opted for only the essentials that perfectly complemented her outfit. “Nighttime calls for a more understated approach,” she explains, “but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style.”

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