How to To Tile a Shower Bathroom Remodel

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How to Tile a Shower Kit

If your going to do bathroom renovations and want to look like a Pro, I would check out this very cool Do it Yourself “How To Tile a Shower” Kit that comes with everything you will need to tile a shower with instruction videos. 

Our complete DIY Shower Tile kits include everything you will need to tile a standard shower that we used in our How to Tile a Shower video.

“How to Tile a Shower” DIY Kits.

  1. Luxury Shower tile Kit 
  2. Pro Shower tile Kit
  3. Basic Shower tile kit

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Shower Tile kits are packaged with everything you will need and priced to save you Money! Talk to an Expert

  • Backer Board & Screws
  • Waterproofing fabric & Hydro Ban
  • Gloves, Sponge, Pail, Trowel
  • Tile Cutter, Nippers, Mixer, Drill Bit
  • Grout Float, Grout Pigment, Grout Base
  • ThinSet, Caulking, Spacers, Spacer washers,
  • Bullnose and your choice of tile based on your DIY Kit

Shower Tile DIY Kit video Transcript

How do you tile the shower how much does it cost the tile a shower these are the top questions our customers are asking us.

Hi, my name is Annalise, and I am a manager at D & B tile today we are going to show you how to tile a shower using our complete and straightforward do-it-yourself systems.

I know you want to know how much does it cost the tile a shower at D & B tile we have made it easy with three separate systems based on quality with pricing to match.

First, we have our base system then our pro system and finally the luxury VIP package for those of you who want the best and do it yourself.

Don’t worry when you buy any of our how to tile a do-it-yourself shower system you’ll receive links to more installation videos the step-by-step instructions and all the supplies needed.

Yes, we thought of everything and now let us show you how to tile a shower.

Thank you, Mike, for showing us how to Tile a Shower, So now that you have an idea on how to tile a shower please visit had Italia shower comm to see our DIY systems sign up to receive full instruction videos special offers or to contact a D & B tile expert to help you with your do-it-yourself project thanks, and we hope to see you soon