Hunter Schafer on Euphoria and the Fashion Brands to Watch

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What do you think parents will take away from the show?

We get asked what we want people to take away from it a lot, and it’s hard to answer that because I don’t think we are trying to teach a lesson here. I don’t think you should be looking up to any of these characters or following their example, because they are all messy and all a little broken. Our slogan is Feel Something, and I think that we made a piece of art that is eight episodes long, and more than anything else, we want viewers to feel it and let it hit them.

Now that you have your first acting gig out of the way, what’s next? Do you want to keep doing this?

I’m fascinated with acting now. In retrospect, I was only beginning to chip off the tip of the iceberg with how far I can go or what I was exploring inside of me that I hadn’t touched in a while as far as emotional headspaces. And I really want to keep going and keep pushing and see what can happen. I hope, I really hope, we get a season two because I love this story so much, and I love these characters, and I want to keep watching them grow. But I’d also love to explore a character who is less parallel to who I am and maybe something where I would have to transform myself more. To play a cisgender person would be interesting or someone older or a mythical creature. I’m down; I just want to keep going.

What about modeling and fashion?

I mean, I still love fashion, and I definitely would like to keep interacting with that world. As far as doing all four fashion weeks and going to every casting that I can, maybe not that again. But I think it’s kind of exciting to be able to interact with it in a way that isn’t relying on necessity or money and more because I love it, which goes back to the roots of I why I got into it in the first place.

Let’s talk about working with stylist Petra Flannery. How did the relationship come about?

My publicist just called me one day and was really excited about this new opportunity because she had apparently reached out. She sent me her information, and I took a look at her work, and it was really beautiful and exciting, and so I wanted to give it a shot. We’ve only worked together on a few looks now, but I’m excited to see where it keeps going and what we can make in the future.

This being your first acting project, was there a specific fashion plan in mind?

Not necessarily. I know for myself, I have a very distinct style, and I know what I like, and I know what I don’t like. But it has been a process of learning how to cater to the different events that happen with Hollywood and how you might want to dress for red carpet and what things photograph well. There’s definitely more strategy involved. It’s a challenge; it’s fun.

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