I ‘Knew’ It’d Be A TikTok Hit – Hollywood Life

I ‘Knew’ It’d Be A TikTok Hit – Hollywood Life 7

After blowing up TikTok, King Staccz is ‘winning’ at life. After releasing the extended mix of his ‘Pretty Face,’ he EXCLUSIVELY tells us that he has nothing but love for the fans helping to make him the next big thing in hip-hop.

“She got a pretty face / pretty waist /She’s a dinner plate /She’s the reason / that my heart’s gonna break,” raps King Staccz in the clip that has taken over TikTok. With over 61 million views and nearly 1 million original videos made with the hook from 2019’s “Pretty Face,” the 21-year-old rising Brooklyn rapper decided to serve up fans a second helping. At the end of February, he dropped “Pretty Face (Main Course),” an extended version of his viral hit, as well as an accompanying music video. Just like the title hints, it’s all about a dinner date, but there’s something sinister on the menu.

As King Staccz seems more and more unhinged, it appears that his date is about to wind up on the carving block – until that last scene. Without spoiling it for you, it appears not is what it seems in “Pretty Face (Main Course),” and someone winds up getting their just desserts in the end. Though, it seems that fans better leave room for more, as it ends with a “To Be Continued…”

Born and raised in Flatbush, King Staccz has quickly established him as one of the rising stars in the rap game. Earning a reputation for merging his influences of pop and hip-hop – he studied NYC rappers like 50 Cent but isn’t shy from working in some Lady Gaga-esque pop sounds into the mix – King Staccz is ready to take over the world. After releasing “Pretty Face,” he signed with Polo Grounds Music and RCA Records, posing him to become your next favorite rapper. “I want the world to know who King Staccz is,” he proclaims in a statement. “I want people to be like, ‘This is the kind of kid I want to hang out with.’ When I make music, I put my personality into it, and I want people to know who I am. I’m your friend, and inside the music, Staccz is there.”

I ‘Knew’ It’d Be A TikTok Hit – Hollywood Life 8
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The new King of hip-hop also chatted briefly with HollywoodLife about the extended-version of his song, the twist ending, and why he’s celebrating his fans for all his success.

HollywoodLife: You just released an extended version of “Pretty Face,” which first dropped earlier this year. What prompted you to revisit this song?

King Staccz: I wanted to put something extra on it. Sometimes you have to add some seasoning to the food.

The new video has a pretty clever twist at the end. Whose idea was it to pull the switch on the closing moments?

Myself, the one and only King Staccz. Sam Lecca, the director, helped make that surprise ending happen.

“Pretty Face” has that killer hook, which makes it seem perfect for TikTok, which would explain why over 1 million videos are created (not to mention, there are over 15 million digitals plays worldwide.) Does that seem unbelievable, or did you know this was going to be a hit? 

I knew it was going to happen…it was just a matter of when. Shoutout to everyone who made a video on TikTok for Pretty Face. I’m winning because of y’all.

“Pretty Face” is out now.

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