I Thrift Almost All My Outfits—Here’s What I Always Look For

I Thrift Almost All My Outfits—Here's What I Always Look For 7

Tip #1: “I always tell people who want to get into thrifting and shopping secondhand that they need to be patient. The thrift store can be overwhelming and disorganized, so if you’re not patient, you probably won’t enjoy yourself.”

Tip #2: “Throw everything in your cart that catches your eye and go through it every so often. A big thing, especially when thrifting alone and not having a second opinion, is sometimes not knowing if something is cool and unique or just straight-up ugly. I will put anything in my cart or basket that catches my eye, and over the course of my shopping, I will go through the cart and look everything over. I find this helps a lot. I either end up loving items more or realizing I don’t like them at all.”

Tip #3: “Have an idea of things you would like to look for at the thrift. I find it much more enjoyable to go in without a list in mind and just see what sticks out to you. You’ll have much better luck finding interesting pieces when you aren’t fixated on finding specific items.”

Tip #4: “A sizing tip for when you’re not able to try pants on is the neck trick. I’m sure most people know about this already, but it essentially claims that if the waistband of a pair of pants fits around your neck, then the pants will likely fit your waist.” 

Tip #5: “Donate old items beforehand. Many thrift stores give out coupons when you donate even one item, and with inflation and the rise of prices in the thrift, a 20% off coupon is always nice when you don’t want to spend $50 on a leather jacket.”

Tip #6: “For people who don’t enjoy in-person shopping and would rather scroll on their phone, Depop has become a huge player in the secondhand market in the past few years, but I have always been an eBay lover. I find that eBay has a wider selection of vintage pieces to scroll through, and a lot of the time, things are listed for extremely low prices. If not, there is also the offer feature on eBay to put bids on items, and if you’re lucky, the seller will accept your extremely low bid ;).”

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