Influencer Dayjia ‘Meatball’ Sentenced For Role In Philly Looting

Influencer Dayjia 'Meatball' Sentenced For Role In Philly Looting 7

A Philadelphia influencer has been handed her sentence for influencing crime! In September, local prosecutors charged Dayjia ‘Meatball’ Blackwell with criminal conspiracy, criminal mischief, riot, and disorderly conduct, per NBC Philadephia.

That came after police officers arrested her amid rioting and looting in the city on Sept 26. Now, nearly nine months later, her legal fate has been determined.

Here’s Why Dayjia ‘Meatball’ Blackwell Caught A Case

The ‘Baddies Caribbean’ cast member was in the mix and live-streaming the criminal activities. One circulating clip showed her repeatedly saying, “Everybody must eat,” as a crowd broke into a local business in the background.

Ultimately, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office bagged her, claiming she incited multiple instances of property destruction, burglary, and theft. Prosecutors cited at least seven locations throughout the city impacted by Blackwell’s alleged influence.

“Blackwell is alleged to have used her social media platform to encourage people to engage in criminal activities at those locations, and is alleged to have engaged in criminal activities herself,” the DA’s office stated, per NBC.

At the time, even the city mayor, Jim Kenney, blamed Dayjia for the looting incidents. “[She was] live streaming the whole thing, wound up with 12,000 followers and created, basically incited the riot,” Kenney said. 

What’s Next For Meatball?

For context, the rioting and looting occurred amid peaceful protesting against the outcome of a police shooting case. At the time, a judge dismissed all charges against Philadelphia officer Mark Dial. He was on trial for the death of Eddie Irizarry, 27, during a traffic stop.

Dial shot Eddie five times at close-range seconds after walking up to his rolled-up car window and later claimed self-defense. Prosecutors reinstated the charges in October, per NBC.

As for Dayjia Blackwell, she has avoided jail time after pleading guilty to her charges. Instead, Meatball will spend the next five years on probation. Additionally, she has to pay a $10,000 fine and serve 150 hours of community service.

Swipe below for a recap of the case, including what Meatball said following her arrest and clips of her posts during the Sept. 26 incident.

Following the news of her sentencing, Meatball posted a statement on Instagram. She admitted to feeling “relieved to move on from” the incident.

“I’ve had so much time to reflect on how I used my platform that night. Honestly, I didn’t think I was hurting anyone, and I never meant to make people come outside. But now I realize that what people saw on my live videos actually motivated more people to come out, even if they were just coming out to watch and have a good laugh like me,” she wrote.

Additionally, the ‘Baddies’ star said she hopes her “experience serves as a valuable less for other influencers to use their platforms for good.” 

“Having influence comes with a great deal of responsibility,” Meatball added.

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