Instagram Responds To Selena Gomez Leaving The App

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Selena Gomez gets a response from Instagram’s boss after revealing the app made her depressed. Zendaya switches up her look and fans are LOVING IT. Plus …
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  1. Instagram affects normal people too because you feel depressed if stuff aren’t going right for you and then seeing pics of let’s say your ex and someone all happy together or just other people happy and you feel like even more crap….. so yea it can be the same for “normal” people

  2. POV: It’s 2040 Justin and Selena finally realize they have feelings for each other and we’ll all be happy but our children won’t understand a thing. ThIs Is NoT tIkToK

  3. Wish instagram desapear, seeing the others perfect lifes (what they show), my friends goin out without me, and how pretty everyone is. Its making me feel realy depressed…this past year

  4. It is not only bullying. It is mainly the fake "looking amazing" lives which make normal person with daily issues, problems, normal work & more depressed. Good for you Selena!

  5. I don't understand how is she depressed because of Instagram? Just post a Fukin picture for sponsors and turn off the notifications. I love Selena but this is just for Attention. We normal people goes through a lot but still remains positive happy unlike this Rich piece of shits. I love selena but this is too much seriously. I don't follow how she is depressed coz of Instagram

  6. I have left insta and fb forever.. It has only been few weeks.. But I already feel so much better 💗💗.. And I don't want to rejoin these social media sites ever. I am so happy 😊

  7. I absolutely respect her choice to delete ig if that makes her feel happier. Ig has been a platform full of negativity and cyber bullies. People do accs and are “exposing” other people by being mean. Kinda same with snap tbh…
    Social media was from the beginning a way to contact each other and share things we find interesting, idk anymore:/

  8. The problem here is not about the App of IG Facebook etc. it is about how using it Selena Gomez deleted on Her Phone app just to avoid spending so much time on it My God I get your point Selena Social media are one of the cause of a lot depression nowadays especially to the Youngs



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