Issa Wrap! Cristina Mackey Confirms Recent Split From Rick Ross

Issa Wrap! Cristina Mackey Confirms Recent Split From Rick Ross 7

Talk about a quicky romance! Roomies, Cristina Mackey has revealed that her relationship with Rick Ross recently ended. Mackey took to social media on March 6 to announce the breakup.

Dassit? Cristina & Rick Ross Call It Quits

According to her paragraph-long explanation, she and Rick cut things off two weeks ago after six months of dating.

“I’ve never experienced ‘getting left,’ I’m just not docile. I don’t feel played, the sales on are thriving and I’m grateful,” Mackey wrote.

Cristina and Rick Ross first popped out publicly in mid-December. At the time, the certified trainer shared a carousel of boo’ed up footage of her and Rozay. Their romance seemingly came out of nowhere, and fans immediately questioned what had happened to his rumored relationship with Pretty Vee.

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Mackey Went HARD Behind Rick In The Last 3 Months

Still, Cristina played it cocky behind her and Rick Ross’ relationship — chatting to the innanet on multiple occasions in December about their bond. On December 13, she spoke passionately about having a man who keeps her “in [her] power” and makes her “want to ride until the wheels fall off.” She was adamant that she didn’t care what the haters had to say.

Well, roommates, it looks like those relationship wheels definitely fell OFF. But while confirming their breakup, Cristina was hush-hush about why things ended with her and Rick Ross.

Instead, she said:

“The situation was beautiful, and I meant every word during our amazing six-month run. If others are upset about my joy/pride in the moment, that’s their stress to bear. We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last. I embrace both positive and negative traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anyone’s podcast.”

Swipe below to read her full breakup post. 

And while Cristina didn’t pretend to be the last, she 100% placed their bond above his former relationships, including Pretty Vee. During an appearance on ‘The Cali Kick Back’ podcast, she implied that whatever bond he had with Vee (or any other ex-girlfriend) was nothing like theirs.

“Where’s the pictures of them holding hands? And them holding hands? And them on the jet together? And them in Dubai and her on the billboard? Where’s that at? Where’s the flowers? Where’s all that,” Cristina said on the podcast.

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By January, the trainer-in-love was online boasting about being a “pick-me” for her man Rozay! She spoke about wanting to be “picked over and over…by the same man a million times.”

“I want to marry that man. I want to have that man’s children, and I want to live a happy life because he keeps picking me, and I keep picking him,” Mackey proudly said in a social media post.

That same month, she even stood by her man, William Leonard Roberts II., as rumors surfaced of him welcoming a daughter with a woman named Cierra Nichole. Mackey reposted a photo of the infant, Au’mei Moon Roberts, on her Instagram story.

Days before February, Rick Ross gave Cristina something else to brag about: a new set of teeth.

Welp! Now it looks like the trainer is back on the market for someone else to cheese about! Thoughts, roommates?

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