James Charles Catfish Accusations Erupt Soon after Fulfilled Gala Drama

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James Charles reacts to Achieved Gala drama and loses countless numbers of subscribers. As well as – James is accused of catfishing boys in substantial university. #JamesCharles …
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  1. Guys go to James and Tana filmed a video where they rated Oscar outfits and if you listen to Tana at 0:55 you can hear her say 'as you're putting on a wig to snapchat a straight guy' and the entire video he puts on different wigs and snapchats

  2. Someone needs to stomp on his balls and make him drink raid and let a rat run up his skirt and make him let lick the toliet seat at burger king public restroom.

  3. The sad thing is there are probably gay men out there who would love if this guy chased after them. Crying themselves to sleep because they are just as lonely as he is.

  4. james Charles is nothing but a PREDATOR OF ANY BOY OR MAN WHO IS STRAIGHT,,,,,,,,,he uses his fame and wealth to harass and intimidate these men and boys to do dirty things to him,,,he is disgusting,,,he does not care for his teeny bopper followers who I hope the parents stop them from buying anymore of his stuff…..he is the worst influence on our children in every way possible,,,hopefully he is cancelled for good, and put back in his place where he should be…..hopefully, he hasn't done too much damage to all those who subbed him,,,unsub now if you are smart,,for all those refusing to unsub him,,must be of the same trashy mind set as james is in…..

  5. James Charles is only 19, guys. Everyone makes dumb mistakes at that age because it’s a natural thing. I get that he was being a bit big-headed n that, but who wouldn’t be a bit too big for their boots if they were that popular at only 19 years of age. Give the guy some slack

  6. He should quit YouTube just so for his safety and he needs to stay away from drama. But… I am on his side because Tati wanted him to promote her buety line but he didint because he was talking about his own problems that he has. I bet he would promote tatis buety line. But he really needs to act like there his age both of them need to and just take a breather and what I was really wrong and they can just forgive everyone. La is really sressing.

  7. Maybe if he didn't catfish people, and literally wear safety pins to the met gala, and call it a "ball", and critize others and be so annoying, maybe there wouldnt be backlash or hate towards him. 🙂

  8. Omg just leave James alone he did something bad and made a mistake so what you do too and to be Honest you can all Unsubscribe but you don’t know what she did to him so just mind your business plz leave him you still buy he’s makeup so just stop fam





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