James Charles Fans Abandon Tour & Demolish Merch Above Tati ‘Bye Sister’ Movie

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James Charles admirers start ditching his satisfy & greet and many others damage his make up palette about Tati’s ‘Bye Sister’ online video. #JamesCharles #Tati #ByeSister Attractiveness …
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  1. Lot of negativity lately. So let us know your favorite meme in this video or something nice you did for the people you love this weekend!

    Also don't light things on fire.

  2. Lmao your wrong the meet and greet was free I’m from the Gold Coast and it’s free event lol when y’all get your info incorrect do more research

  3. Destroying the pallets aren't worth the money. The issue with him going after straight boys is wrong and shouldnt happen. But he is 19, he is making on going mistakes and thats life. It's how he brings himself forward over the next couple months. Releasing a LEGIT apology instead of a short and not sweet one to tati would be a good start. And jefreee needs to stop going after him about straight guys. He did exactly the same thing when he was younger and that doesnt seem to have affected his career and no one is talking about it..Alex brought this to light and he made good points.

  4. This entire thing is freaking stupid. Did he say the N-word? Nope. Rape someone? Nope. So what deserves this backlash. HE PROMOTED A BRAND THATS NOT HIS BESTIE. Boo-hoo you bored ass bitches. Get a life and stop looking for someone to target due to BOREDOM.
    Oh and he likes str8 guys? IVE ONLY EVER SLEPT WITH STR8 MEN! Y’all are ridiculous!

  5. Tanacon all over
    Again just instead clown Charles was cancelled also like wow air let's leave our passengers abandoned
    Charles: leaves fans abandoned at his tour
    SMh get ur life together clown Charles

  6. Jeffery Stars shaved poodle looking ass has old tweets that are WAY more disturbing then what James said…straight up predatory tweets about straight boys and trying to get them naked, this whole bullshit about James is just that, bullshit.

  7. People mess up ok he is human to. People mass up so stop hating he tried ok. U all are ass holes for this and I'm done with everyone. He will get to be my best friends for ever and people will not ever stop me from doing so. I don't care what people think at all u all can hate on me and him but we don't care. Keep it up it makes us so happy metter what we do. And we are still living life like ever before because hates helped us so much. Thank you James Charles u are my sister. Love u sister never give up metter what people say or do. I will aeays love u sister. Bye sister love u sister so so so much sister





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