James Charles Shades Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins At Coachella?

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James Charles faces backlash for an alleged transphobic remark. Logan Paul is remaining sued. Furthermore – Admirers continue on to fear about the fate of the Sister Squad.
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  1. I find it really dumb that some people Are actually mad at James for not being with the rest of the sister squad at Coachella. just because they’re all a group of friends and they hang out with each other doesn’t mean James can’t have other friends and it doesn’t mean he has to hang out with them just because he’s part of the sister squad at Coachella. he can hang out with whoever he wants and he should be able to without people getting mad at him honestly it’s just really dumb. Let the man live at least on this situation

  2. what he said wasn't transphobic y'all need to stfu and stop getting fucking offended over everything

  3. Well, trans "men" AREN'T REAL men…they do not (and never will have male DNA, produce sperm, have a prostate, or be able to impregnate a female, etc). They are WANNA be men (in their minds), and that's it. Many "detransition" because they realized they were just mentally ill, and not the opposite gender.
    You can slam me all you want to–truth is truth, and it doesn't care about your feelings.

  4. Literally no one cares if James is friends with these Emma and then anymore. It's no one's business. Y'all are gross and cringey

  5. Let's be honest trans men are not real men and trans women are not real women…. You can't just change your gender like that…. So he's right in a way

  6. I don’t even understand what James said wrong…?? Even if it is wrong, it’s not meant in the wrong way.. he didn’t say “trans men aren’t real men” like wtf

  7. People need to get it into their heads that James can have fun with whoever he wants. James and the sister squad probably see each other almost every day, and if James wants to hang out with other friends, he fucking can! Just go off I guess ????

  8. I hate how people changes things around, like James didn’t throw shots at all. James just vibed with the clog squad, what’s the problem with that. I loved the sister squad but like y’all have to accept that obviously smth happened and they don’t mess with each other like that anymore.

  9. This is fucking insane, so just because James wasn't seen with Ethan Emma or Grayson at Coachella he's shading them? You've got to be fucking joking, let people live their goddamn lives without having to worry about this big-brother-house type shit just wanting to create drama where there is none, it is so ridiculously annoying

  10. james cries and overreacts when he’s in drama but he starts drama for attention and it’s honestly annoying he’s so overrated

    for all u “sisters” i don’t care about your opinion alright keep it to yourself????

  11. If he left it alone then people would still be raging maybe even more than they already are


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