Jamie Falls For 2 Guys – Hollywood Life

Jamie Falls For 2 Guys – Hollywood Life 7

Jamie finds herself torn between two men on the premiere of ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart.’ Plus, the guys are in jeopardy at the first rose ceremony of the season.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart is here! The new show from Bachelor Nation combines love and music, as contestants try to find love through their shared love of music. On night one, the 20 contestants arrive in a mansion together. Brandon, 34, is a marine vet, who says that music helped keep him alive while he was deployed. Bri, 28, was previously on the path to be married, but broke off her engagement a year and a half ago, and is finally ready to find love again.

Sheridan, 27, loves traveling while pursuing his music career, but hasn’t been able to settle down yet because of all his time on the road. Bekah, 25, comes from a musical theater background, while Gabe, 28, is equally into sports, music and his faith. Savannah, 25, is a ‘free-spirited’ yoga instructor, who’s had a lot of rocky relationships and is looking for something ‘powerful and deep’ with someone. Trevor, 29, is a former American Idol contestant, who’s also a major romantic. Jamie, 21, has been cheated on by every guy she’s dated, so she’s ready to find someone genuine.

Jamie and Ryan, 28, are the first two to arrive, and he’s instantly attracted to her. Matt, 32, and Savannah show up next, followed by Mel, 27, who’s admittedly shy coming into this. As more people filter in, Jamie and Ryan find some alone time, and already start opening up about their pasts. There’s a clear connection between them, but when Trevor arrives, he and Jamie start spending some time together, too. Meanwhile, Matt begins to hit it off with Rudi, 24, but admits he’s also into Mel.

After everyone arrives, host Chris Harrison points out that there’s 12 men and eight women, which means that any men who are not in a couple by the first rose ceremony will be headed home. Once everyone is settled in, Sheridan sets his sights on Julia, 27, and they form a quick connection. However, Brandon is also interested in Julia. He steals her away for some time of his own, and they make out. Ryan and Jamie also kiss, but she gets physical with Trevor in the hot tub, and there’s an obvious love triangle forming.

The next day, Ryan gets the first date card, and he obviously asks Jamie out. They visit Capitol Records, and get to record a version of John Mayer’s “Gravity.” They work through the arrangement together, and it’s a super intimate moment when they record it. Jamie admits that the date ‘sped up’ her connection with Ryan for sure. They end the day by making out at sunset.

Back at the house, Chris, 32, and Bri begin to form a connection, as well. The second date card goes to Matt. He chooses Mel for the date, which obviously upsets Rudi. Matt and Mel attend a private Plain White T’s concert, and but there’s admittedly not much of a “spark” there. Back at the house, though, Rudi is in tears.

At the cocktail party, the solid couples are Chris and Bri, Brandon and Savannah and Danny, 26, and Bekah. Sheridan, of course, wants Julia’s rose, but is concerned when she starts spending time with Josh, 31. He’s disheartened to see Julia and Josh making out, and takes it upon himself to interrupt and pull Julia aside to sing her a song. She’s giddy over the song, and they kiss, too.

Meanwhile, as Mel starts spending time with Gabe, Matt tries to reconnect with Rudi. She calls him out for promising to take her on the date…and then not doing so. Rudi makes sure to let Matt know how angry she is. This get heated and he’s definitely caught off guard. As for Trevor — he knows he has some work to do with Jamie after her great date with Ryan. He serenades her with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,” and she’s smitten. Afterward, Jamie is brought to tears as she struggles to choose between Trevor and Ryan.

At the rose ceremony, Savannah gives her rose to Brandon, Mel gives hers to Gabe, and Bekah gives hers to Danny. Bri chooses Chris, while Cheyenne, 23, “takes a chance” and chooses Matt. Julia picks Sheridan, and Jamie devastates Ryan by picking Trevor. However, Ryan is saved, as Rudi gives out the last rose and chooses him, as she feels there could be potential for her to fall for him. The journey continues on April 20 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC!

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