Jason Priestley Learns His Pregnant Wife’s Having An Affair – Hollywood Life

Jason Priestley Learns His Pregnant Wife’s Having An Affair – Hollywood Life 7
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Jason’s hookup with Jennie Garth may not have been the worst thing to happen to his marriage after all, as the Aug. 14 episode of ‘BH90210’ suggested someone else got his wife pregnant.

The Aug. 14 episode of BH90210 was all about Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth pitching the reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 to Fox, and unsurprisingly, the network jumped at the chance to get the original cast back together on the small screen. However, Tori and Jennie hadn’t even convinced their co-stars to do a reboot of the ’90s series before meeting with the network, so they pretended as though they had and then made it their mission to persuade Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering and Shannen Doherty to jump on board. But that was easier said than done, and everyone had to be convinced with the promise of some sort of reward.

For instance, Gabrielle agreed to return only if her character, Andrea Zuckerman, could explore her sexuality in the reboot. And Jason agreed to return if, and only if, he could direct the pilot. Basically, everyone wanted something that they could gain from this experience, and since Tori was desperate to stay afloat financially, she gave them what they wanted. But even by the time this week’s episode ended, Shannen still hadn’t joined the show, even though Tori told Fox that she had — so, that’ll likely be an obstacle Tori and Jennie will have to overcome next week.

And speaking of obstacles, Jason was experiencing one of his own this week. After finding out that his wife (Vanessa Lachey) was pregnant, he struggled with his feelings for Jennie. Obviously, they hooked up in Vegas, so he felt guilty about that, but to us (as viewers), it seemed like more than a hookup. After all, Jason and Jennie have a lot of history together. And Jennie seemed kind of upset when she found out that he was expecting a baby. However, Jason assured Jennie that he didn’t know about the pregnancy when they hooked up in Sin City.

Anyway, later in the episode, Jason’s wife, Camille, ran outside of their house to tell a mystery man that he needed to leave. Nothing was truly revealed except for that fact that he wanted her to help him with something, and in turn, he said that he would keep her secret hidden. So what was that secret, exactly? Well, in the final minutes of this week’s episode, Jason ran into the same mystery man and discovered that this man would be writing the pilot for the reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210. Apparently, Camille set him up with the gig — and just seconds before Jason met him, Jason’s doctor called him to tell him that it’d be nearly impossible for him to produce a child biologically. So basically, Camille got pregnant by someone else — and our money’s on the new show writer!

Brian is also still being followed by his stalker, and considering all of the cast received mutilated dolls of their 90210 characters in the mail, he seems pretty dangerous. That is, of course, if the stalker was even the one who sent the dolls… All we know is that trouble is afoot, and this show is going to be packed with lots of drama over the next four weeks.

New episodes of BH90210 air Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox!

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