Jax Disinvites Tom Sandoval From His Wedding – Recap – Hollywood Life

Jax Disinvites Tom Sandoval From His Wedding – Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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The Feb. 25 episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ was packed with so much drama, we honestly don’t know where to start with this recap. But, we NEED to discuss, so let’s dive in!

We honestly feel like there was an episode-ending moment happening just about every five minutes during the Feb. 25 episode of Vanderpump Rules. Not only did Tom Sandoval suffer consequences for his feud with Jax at Peter‘s birthday party, but Ariana shared a very personal secret while out to dinner with Stassi and Lala. Plus, Lisa Vanderpump received devastating news and Brittany was forced to figure out whether Ariana would still be one of her bridesmaids. It was a season-finale worthy episode, so we have a lot to go over. But let’s start with Tom and Jax.

A few days after their screaming match at Peter’s birthday party, Jax sought Tom out at SUR and asked him if they could talk out back. Jax was upset that Tom had failed to text him and apologize in the days that had passed, so Jax felt he was left with no other option than to seek Tom out and tell him how he felt. Jax was still extremely upset over the fact that Tom questioned his motives when it came to how he handled the pastor scandal, and he became even more irate after Tom failed to text him and apologize afterwards.

During their meeting, Tom stood his ground and said that he should be able to bring things up with Jax, who he’s been friends with for 20 years, without getting crucified. But Jax, on the other hand, felt Tom had some sort of ulterior motive and was trying to sabotage his wedding. “Do you even know me? Do you even know me, dude?” Tom asked Jax, before denying he’d ever do such a thing. “The only people who hate bringing up the past are hypocrites and people with bad credit,” Tom exclaimed.

Sadly, Jax and Tom Sandoval never found common ground when it came to the pastor scandal, so Jax made the executive decision to disinvite Tom from his wedding. It was a huge blow to Tom, but there was nothing he could do to change Jax’s mind. And later, Jax invited Lala’s boyfriend Randall to take Tom’s place in his wedding party — a man whom he’s only known for two years.

Meanwhile, Jax’s actions also put Brittany and Ariana in an awkward position for two reasons. The first was the fact that Brittany hadn’t heard from Ariana either in the days after Peter’s birthday party, and that upset her. But in all seriousness, she just wanted to know whether or not Ariana was going to come to the wedding and still be in her bridal party, and it was a decision she was leaving up to Ariana to decide. But Ariana felt conflicted. She said if she went, she’d feel like she was betraying Tom and might have a hard time dealing with everything emotionally, without him by her side. She’s still dealing with her deep depression, which was something she finally shared with Stassi and Lala, so she wasn’t sure what to do. Because she also really wanted to be there for her friend (Brittany) on her wedding day.

Oh, and it looks like Tom may not be the only one not attending Jax and Brittany’s wedding. Lisa Vanderpump told Jax and Brittany this week that she had just learned her mother died, and she’d have to go to London to attend the funeral. She, of course, told them this while crying, so it was heartbreaking to watch, but Jax and Brittany said they totally understood and they both gave her a hug. (Spoiler alert: she ends up going!)

Lastly, Brett went on a date with Charli, but she didn’t seem all that interested. Especially when he mentioned his ex once or twice — she said that was a major red flag for her. And Scheana wasn’t too thrilled about their date. After Brett told Scheana that he was going out with Charli, she bugged out and tried sabotaging it by saying he previously told her he thought Charli was annoying etc. He basically called her a liar and knew that Scheana was upset, so he downplayed it by saying he was just going to get to know Charli on a more intimate level. And then Scheana said, “Yes, we’re all getting to know each other.” Ugh. Why can’t she just quit being so “boy crazy”?

We must also note that we hope Jax cringes after watching this week’s episode because he came off in a bad way when he told Lala and Brittany that Ariana should “figure out” her own “issues”. He said Tom needs to “figure out, first of all, what sexuality [Ariana] is because it changes every day.” Not cool, Jax.

Want more drama? New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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