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The season finale of The Idol begins with Jocelyn working through “One Of The Girls.” Tedros is looking like a mess and watching from a distance. Jocelyn is totally ignoring him. When he tries to barge in and be a part of it all, she tells him that he’s “served” his purpose. “Tedros, I’m done with you,” Jocelyn tells him.

Jocelyn and Tedros start arguing. He believes that he is her only inspiration. Jocelyn is still upset over how Tedros orchestrated meeting her. She calls Tedros a “con man” and a “fraud.” His artists can stay, but she wants Tedros out.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd as Tedros. (HBO)

Jocelyn is a woman on a mission. She walks right into Nikki’s office and plays her “One Of The Girls.” Nikki loves it. Andrew is concerned about Jocelyn’s tour, so he’s stopping by her house. Leia has something she needs to tell her, but Jocelyn’s mind is only focused on the tour.

Jocelyn walks down to the basement to find the other followers. She wants Chloe, Ramsay, and Izaak to be her opening act and explains what’s going on with Andrew. Tedros attempts to chime in, but Jocelyn snaps at him. She’s D-O-N-E with Tedros. When Jocelyn walks away, Tedros calls to Xander. He wants Xander to turn on Jocelyn.

Destiny, Chaim, Andrew, and Nikki arrive at Jocelyn’s house. Tedros immediately gets in Nikki’s face and tells her that she has “no f***ing taste” and “no vision.” Andrew is a bit overwhelmed by the scene in front of him, so he declares he’s leaving in 5 minutes if Jocelyn doesn’t show.

While everyone is waiting on Jocelyn, Destiny asks Chloe to perform for them. Meanwhile, Leia is desperate to talk to Jocelyn. Sophie, the girl Rob took a picture with at Jocelyn’s house along with Xander, has accused him of rape just as his movie is coming out. Rob wants Jocelyn to help clear his name.

Jocelyn finally makes her grand entrance and demands that Andrew listen to Izaak first before she performs. The whole showcase is wild. Leia tries to get Xander’s help with the Rob situation, but she soon realizes he’s in on it. In the midst of all this, Nikki is whispering to Tedros that she knows he’s responsible for all this talent. She wants to work with him.

Da'Vine Joy Randolph
Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Destiny. (HBO)

Nikki gets the notification about Rob being accused of rape and tells Jocelyn. Jocelyn knows that this is Tedros’ doing. Xander takes his opportunity to sing while Jocelyn pulls Tedros aside. She wants him to get out of her house. When he doesn’t listen to her, Jocelyn runs to Chaim. She wants Chaim to pay Tedros whatever he wants to get out of her life forever.

Jocelyn performs as Chaim throws Tedros out. He writes Tedros a check for $500,000. “She’s worth so much more than money,” Tedros says as he rips up the check. It’s on to plan B for Chaim.

Leia writes a note to Jocelyn and leaves the house. Nikki sits down with Dyanne and reveals that they have to hold the song. She wants Dyanne to try writing her own material. Dyanne knows this is Jocelyn’s doing.

After Jocelyn’s performance, Andrew is thoroughly impressed. The tour is officially still on. Chaim meets with Talia about the Vanity Fair article. According to him, Jocelyn is still in a lot of trouble, and he wants her help.

The Idol Ending Explained

Six weeks later, it’s officially tour time. Andrew, Chaim, and Nikki are celebrating Tedros being gone for good. The Vanity Fair article was damning, and he lost his club. But they’ve underestimated Tedros. He shows up at the stadium wondering if Jocelyn left him an artist’s pass. It’s not under the name “Tedros” but his real name “Mauricio Jackson.”

Tedros makes his way into Jocelyn’s room and finds Destiny there waiting for him. She doesn’t care about his past. “You are and were a pimp,” she states. Destiny warns him that if he hurts Jocelyn, then she’ll hunt him down and kill him. Destiny is a woman of her word, too.

Lily-Rose Depp
Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn in the finale. (HBO)

Jocelyn and Tedros finally face each other. They both admit that they’ve missed each other. “None of this means as much without you,” she says. Jocelyn just can’t climb her way out of the abyss of toxicity. “I don’t like being apart,” she says.

She takes the stage as the crowd chants her name. She introduces her fans to the love of her life and asks Tedros to join her on stage. Andrew, Chaim, and Nikki are blindsided. Jocelyn and Tedros kiss on stage. “You’re mine. Forever. Now go stand over there,” Jocelyn orders Tedros. A stunned Tedros walks off the stage and into the darkness as Jocelyn stands in the spotlight. Jocelyn needs him (or so she thinks) in order to succeed, but she’s in control now. He’s nothing but a means to an end.

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