John Legend & Kelly Clarkson ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ — Listen – Hollywood Life

John Legend & Kelly Clarkson ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ — Listen – Hollywood Life 7
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Music superstars John Legend and Kelly Clarkson collaborated on a new version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ with updated lyrics from the original.

Grammy winners John Legend, 40, and Kelly Clarkson, 37, are putting a modern twist on an old classic. The duo released their rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in the early hours of Nov. 7 with updated lyrics from the original. While the portion of the song traditionally sung by a woman hasn’t had many adjustments made to it, the lyrics John sings feature him crooning phrases like, “I can call you a ride,” “time spent with you is paradise,” and “text me when you get home.” Though the lyrics are updated, the melody of the music is still the exact same.

Throngs of listeners have often attributed the song to be fairly predatory in its lyrics. Some of the phrases include the traditional man’s part singing, “beautiful, what’s your hurry,” “mind if I move in closer,” and the woman’s portion sining, “say what’s in this drink.” Over the years, the lyrics have been scrutinized by listeners. Now, John and Kelly have offered a new, contemporary version for the next generation of listeners.

While the collaborator’s have offered a new version, a slew of artists have given their own interpretation of the tune in the decades since the original was released. The song was written in the 1940s by Frank Loesser and even went on to win an Oscar in 1949 after it was featured in the movie Neptune’s Daughter. While it isn’t outrightly a Christmas tune, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been connected to the holiday over it’s wintery feel. From there, the tune only rose in popularity. Over the decades, artists the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dorothy KirstenIdina Menzel and Michael Buble, and Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone, among many others, have given the song a whirl. But John and Kelly’s collaboration marks a major change in the lyrics. Get into the holiday spirit with Kelly and John’s tune!

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